Here Is A Rihanna Song For Every One Of Your Moods

Rihanna is one the few select artists who have achieved and maintained one-name stardom.
She is a designer of clothes, shoes, and headphones. She is an overall influencer in many industries well beyond just the world of music. But back in 2004, when she was signed by Jay Z to Def Jam Records, she was just a cool girl from Barbados with a unique sound.
Her musical style has gone in various directions throughout the years. We've heard her be sweet, sexy, and downright pissed off.
Her aural evolution is especially evident in the release of her eighth and most recent album, ANTI, which we broke down for you here. The album was criticized by some (and praised by others) for its experimental abandonment of the radio-friendly pop vibe we had come to expect from many of her other songs, like "Umbrella." For the first time, Rihanna's lyrics and sound match her off-stage persona — a little bad, a little dark, but at the same time very welcoming and familiar. Basically, Rihanna is a musical mood ring.
Her whole repertoire of songs reflects that moodiness. In preparation for her tour, which has been delayed but is still happening, we have pinpointed one Rihanna song for every mood, spanning from her first album to her eighth.
You ready?

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