Rihanna’s $9,000 Headphones Sold Out In 24 Hours

Rihanna knows how to make a statement with a single picture. She also, apparently, knows how to create an internet shopping frenzy; she possesses the power to completely sell out a designer accessory, despite its four-figure price tag.
On Monday, the performer posted a selfie while listening to her much-anticipated album, Anti — and wearing gold, embellished headphones literally fit for a queen. Naturally, her eagle-eyed followers were quick to identify the crown as Dolce & Gabbana's Swarovski crystal-embossed pair, which first made their debut on the brand's fall 2015 runway. In collaboration with audio company Frends, the Italian fashion house created a range of leather, embellished and/or fur-covered devices. (You may know it as the purveyor of those jewel-capped headphones you always see on Instagram.) With the D&G treatment, headphone prices started at a little over $3,500. But Rihanna's regal Swarovski crystal- and pearl-encrusted filigree crown goes way beyond that: It will set you back a casual $8,895.
Photo: Courtesy of Dolce & Gabbana.
The headphones in question.
The steep price tag, though, didn't seem to hinder Rihanna's Cady Heron-effect (see: this past weekend's Uggs moment as the latest example). So, if you find yourself asking who would actually shell out multiple months of rent to feel like RiRi, well, it turns out a ton of people would — and did. So many, in fact, that the headphones reportedly sold out within 24 hours of her picture being posted; they're out of stock on the Frends website, too. All it took was one image, 20 characters, and the power of Rihanna.
We reached out to Dolce & Gabbana to confirm whether the blinged-out headphones did indeed sell out because of Rihanna. If not, perhaps there's actually a market for wildly expensive (and bejeweled) music-listening regalia. Either way, at least our credit cards can stop sweating. And we can still feel a little more like RiRi today, thanks to her newly dropped single — although our listening experience will (unfortunately) not be as queenly.

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