Is The Second Coming Of Celebrities In Uggs Upon Us?

Photo: Splash News.
Alright, let's cut right to the chase: Rihanna wore Uggs at the airport, despite singing a very different tune about 193 weeks ago. Now, flipping your lid about this particular style moment puts you in one of two categories: Either you're a fan of Ugg boots, or you're not. Here at Refinery29, we're a team divided: some of us are proud perpetrators of them, and others still associate them with velour sweatpants and a venti cup — and not in a good way. But just as Kate Moss, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Nicole Richie turned the surfer staple into a fashion-person accessory in the mid 2000s, Rihanna might be a harbinger of the second coming of celeb Ugg endorsements, a decade later. Rihanna's dissed the boot not once, but twice, but we all know that blizzards (and long-distance travel plans, for that matter) can do strange things to a person's judgment. If you look closely, the rest of her outfit (a backwards cap, throwback Prada sunglasses, and a camouflage Puma puffer) is the higher-end version of what our own airport outfits look like when we only had five minutes to pack and get ready. But then again, this outfit might be the first of a trend; we didn't see this coming the first time around until it was standing in line in front of us in a Starbucks, typing out a T9 reply on a Sidekick.

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