Do You Know These Celebrities’ Last Names?

Some celebrities are such iconic, singular figures that they only require one name. Rihanna. Adele. Beyoncé. Bono. Prince. Shakira. The whole world recognizes them from these solo monikers alone.
Nevertheless, that doesn't mean they emerged as global superstars at birth and were awarded only one name accordingly. Of course they've got a family name. It's on the tip of my tongue. Shakira...darn it — what is Shakira's last name?
Now, we're going to start off easy on this one (hi, Oprah), but it's definitely going to get harder as it goes along. You'll be presented with the image of a celebrity whose one name you most definitely know. The question is: Do you know that celebrity's last name? Or, in the case of someone like Bono, his real name? 
It's a lot harder than it sounds. Are you ready? We'll even throw in each celeb's full name in the answer for future bar-trivia domination.

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