The Quick Binge: Great TV Series You Can Finish In Less Than A Day

Do you ever put off starting a new TV series because you know that you’ll not make it to the end? What’s the point in temporarily investing in a show if you’ll never find out how that rogue reference in episode 2 is somehow to blame for the lead character's fate in episode 23?
Sure, I may be digging a little deep here (it really is that deep, though) but there’s definitely something to be said for being able to sit and watch an entire series from start to finish and come out the other side without feeling like you've completely lost your day, life, mind, soul.
Throw it back to the time you did a 26-hour and 17-minute Orange Is The New Black, This Is Us, Pretty Little Liars, Dynasty, The OA or even Game of Thrones session, only to have to return to watch more after a brief sleep interlude – it starts to feel like a bit of a chore. Making it through shows like that is a wonderful, indulgent feat in itself. But isn't it such a treat to earn that end-of-series catharsis and find that the day is still young?
The humble mini-series has had a mighty resurgence over the last couple of years, and you've probably spotted that some of your favourite shows of the moment are delivered in compact 6-8 episode packages (we're looking at you Killing Eve, Fleabag and Big Little Lies). So in the spirit of having your cake and eating it, I've rounded up some more gems that might've flown beneath your radar last time you flicked through the TV guide. Ahead you'll find a list of great shows of which you can finish an entire series in one sitting – and still get outside to see the light of day.

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