The 19 Best Netflix Original TV Shows & Movies From 2019

Despite the arrival of Apple TV+, 2019 was still Netflix's year. The streaming service hit its stride as month after month, without fail, some new murder documentary or dramatic teen show devoured weekends. Even their bad original movies were good, and the good ones were really good, with Marriage Story and The Irishman already getting award show nods.
But the downside to all this content is that no one person can keep up. It's simply impossible to carve out time for a feature Netflix film when you've already filled your schedule with the new seasons of Big Mouth and The Crown. Or, perhaps, you were too busy to even keep track of all the things you didn't have time to see. That's where we come in.
Of the countless original programmes Netflix released this year, there are, naturally, 19 that really defined 2019. Not to give you one more thing to check off your to-do list before 2020, but if you want to start the new year on the right pop culture foot, then these are the original Netflix TV shows and movies everyone will be reminiscing come New Years Eve.

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