The Best Netflix Original Series To Watch Right Now

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We all love Netflix. It’s always there for us after a stressful day at work or a bored weekend at home. But, we can all agree settling on one specific television show to watch can be stressful. The infinite number of ultra-specific categories are enough to make your head spin. And, things get even more difficult once you add in the plethora of foreign-language shows as is becoming increasingly en vogue.
To help make the decision process easier, we picked out the absolute best Netflix Original Series ever, because you know those are never leaving the fan-favorite platform. You'll find new shows and old, comedies and dramas, and everything in between. Keep reading to learn what your next great Netflix marathon will be. Happy bingeing!
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On My Block

Teen shows often have no idea how to portray young people of color. Just ask Riverdale. But, young comedy On My Block, which takes place in South Central Los Angeles, doesn't suffer from that problem, especially since it hails from co-creator Eddie Gonzalez, a Latinx writer.

The coming-of-age dramedy juggles love triangles, quinceañeras, gang crises, hidden treasure, blue humor, and pot-smoking abelitas with ease, all well telling a tight, 10-episode story. There is no way On My Block won't find its way into your heart.
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The End Of The F***ing World

This wonderful, weird surprise continues to stand as the best new show of 2018. The crime-filled comedy starts one terrifying way — with self-described possible “psychopath” James (Alex Lawther) plotting to kill new girlfriend Alyssa (Jessica Barden) — before turning into a poignant, perfect, and still crime-filled love story, complete with a fantastic soundtrack.

If you haven’t watched The End Of The F***ing World, what are you waiting for?
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Babylon Berlin

Speaking of Netflix’s best new show of 2018, Babylon Berlin is the only newbie that could give TEOTFW a run for its money. As a German-language noir about a little-talked about period in European history (the short-lived Weimar Republic), Berlin might sound like a tough sell, but it shouldn’t be.

There are secret BDSM sex clubs! And winding mysteries! And Volker Bruch’s very handsome and endearing face! Watch the first two episodes of Babylon Berlin, which culminate in an unforgettable musical number, and tell me it’s not totally addictive.
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Some Netflix Originals suffer from storylines that drag on for far too long thanks to season orders that are much bigger than their storylines necessarily demand (looking at you, 90% of Marvel properties). The David Fincher-produced Mindhunter is not one of those series thanks to its lean 10-episode structure.

The taut psychothriller, inspired by the first FBI agents to seriously investigate and study serial killers, is the twisty binge that will have you begging for season 2.
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One Day At A Time

There’s a lot of darkness on Netflix, but One Day At A Time breaks up all the brooding with lots of uplifting, incisive, and heartfelt family humor. All reboots should aim to be as necessary as this Latinx, LGBTQ+ take on the 1970s Norman Lear classic.
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Stranger Things

Stranger Things is one of the few blockbuster behemoths that manages to live up to the original iteration with its sequel. Stranger 2 builds on the thrills of its predecessor by giving Will Byers (the wildly, secretly talented Noah Schnapp) a big dramatic arc, creating a new beloved, doomed Barb-like figure in Bob Newby (Sean Astin), and leaning on the natural chemistry of cast members like Gaten Matarazzo and Joe Keery.

We’ll all just pretend “Lost Sister” never happened, okay?
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Jessica Jones

While most of those aforementioned Marvel-Netflix collabs might sag towards the end, Jessica Jones only gets more powerful. So much of that strength is owed to Krysten Ritter, who flawlessly portrays the super-powered private investigator, who grapples with her history of sexual assault throughout season 1 of her titular series.

No wonder fans have been eagerly awaiting Jessica Jones season 2 since the drama premiered in November 2015.
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Queer Eye

This reality show revival is the salve you didn’t know you need for the bonkers year known as 2018. Queer Eye, now without the “For The Straight Guy” modifier of the original, is unapologetically sincere, sweet, and well-meaning. Even with the critiques that come naturally to a makeover show like this, there’s not a mean bone in Queer Eye's metaphorical body.

And don’t let anyone tell you food and wine expert Antoni Porowski can’t cook. Here's all the proof you need to the contrary.
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Black Mirror

While the lows of Black Mirror might be so very low — the “Crocodiles” of the world, say – the highs more than make up for it. The TV landscape is the better for having “USS Callister” and “San Junipero” in them, as is the Black Mirror viewer.
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Dear White People

To be honest, I’m still upset Dear White People, with its award-winning creator pedigree and striking, often-haunting storylines, didn’t get any Emmy love. But, at least we got one of the best illustrations of what it means to be a young person of color today with Justin Simien’s DWP.
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American Vandal

This true crime parody is simply the greatest show in history to ask, Who drew the dicks?” That question might sound ridiculous, but American Vandal will, no questions asked, suck you into its central mystery.

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