Everything We Know About Netflix’s 2019 Original Series

Netflix is officially the future. First, the streaming service made history by being the first network, or “network,” this century to have more Emmy nominations than HBO. Then, it went and tied the premium cable giant at the 2018 Emmys with both companies taking home 23 total awards.
So, it’s time to actually look into the future of Netflix. With 2019 in full swing, it's time to figure out what treats lie in our streaming future. And, the next year is already filled with ultra bingeable promise.
From new series like coming-of-age romp Sex Education and twisty party saga Russian Doll (starring an Orange Is The New Black fave) to new seasons of fan-favorites like 13 Reasons Why and Stranger Things, there is a lot to look forward to. Keep reading to get all the details on Netflix’s 2019 original series, including what they’re about, who’s in the casts, and when they’ll premiere. We hope your queue is ready.
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On My Block

Season to premiere in 2019: Season 2

What’s it about?: The continued story of one of Netflix's best hidden gems. On My Block tells the coming of age tale of four best friends of color (Sierra Capri, Diego Tinoco, Brett Gray, and Jason Genao) from a working class neighborhood in Los Angeles. While the Block teens must grapple with gang pressures, immigration woes, and constant tension, they also laugh, love, and mess around like teens from any other sudsy Netflix show (the RollerWorld conspiracy alone!).

Now, we wait to find out if Ruby (Genao) — beloved genius Ruby — will survive that finale shooting.

Release date: Friday, March 29
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Stranger Things

Season to premiere in 2019: Season 3

What’s it about?: Picking up where we left off with Stranger Things 2 (hopefully without any “Lost Sister” nonsense). Stranger 3 will involve the new Starcourt Mall in Hawkins, adding to the series’ breadth of 1980s pop cultural homages. Because we all know nothing was cooler in the '80s than a good mall.

In fact, Stranger Things 3 is so obsessed with the mall, the first teaser trailer for the new season confirms an episode will be titled, "The Mall Rats." Other episode titles include premiere "Suzie, Do You Copy," along with "The Case Of The Missing Life Guard," "The Bite," and finale, "The Battle Of Starcourt."

Along with the cast we’ve already come to expect, celebrity daughter Maya Hawke and 1980s icon Cary Elwes will join in on the often-fatal sci-fi fun. Lucas Sinclair’s breakout sister Erica (Priah Ferguson) has been upped from a guest star to a series regular, so plan to see a lot more of her.

Release date: Thursday, July 4
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Sex Education

Season to premiere in 2019: Season 1

What’s it about?: A) Becoming your new favorite Netflix teen show. B) An awkward high school virgin named Otis (Asa Butterfield), who starts an underground sex therapy clinic in his high school. If you’re wondering what makes Otis an expert in the subject, his mom Jean (international treasure Gillian Anderson) is a successful sex therapist who couldn’t be more open with her son.

School rebel Maeve (Emma Mackey) is also involved in Otis’ burgeoning business.

Release date: Friday, January 11
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Carmen Sandiego

Season to premiere in 2019: Season 1

What’s it about?: The animated return of beloved international thief Carmen Sandiego, this time voiced by beloved actress Gina Rodriguez. Netflix will also release a live-action Carmen feature film starring Rodriguez. The latter project's premiere date has not yet been announced.

Stranger Things’ Finn Wolfhard will also lend his voice to Carmen Sandiego’s animated series.

Release date: Friday, January 18
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Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Season to premiere in 2019: Season 4B, the finale season.

What’s it about?: Closing out Kimmy Schmidt’s (Ellie Kemper) shockingly dark journey. The super-sized, hour-long finale will give viewers a Sliding Doors take on what would have happened if Kimmy was never kidnapped and held in a bunker in the first place.

Release date: Friday, January 25
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Russian Doll

Season to premiere in 2019: Season 1

What’s it about?: Orange Is The New Black’s Natasha Lyonne stars as Nadia, the guest of honor at an apparently inescapable New York City party.

Release date: Friday, February 1
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The Umbrella Academy

Season to premiere in 2019: Season 1

What’s it about?: A dysfunctional family of super-powered thirty-somethings (including Ellen Page, short-lived Game Of Thrones bae Tom Hopper, and Robert Sheehan) must ban together to save the world and uncover the mystery of their adoptive father’s death.

For the record, The Umbrella Academy, originally a graphic novel, comes from the mind of My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way. Get ready for some “Vampires Will Never Hurt You”-level music video weirdness.

Release date: Friday, February 15
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Turn Up Charlie

Season to premiere in 2019: Season 1

What’s it about?: Idris Elba (yes, Idris Elba, Sexiest Man Alive and real-life Coachella performer!) plays Charlie, a failing DJ. Charle finds his last chance at success when he's offered the chance to be "manny" to his famous best friend's young daughter.

That means eight episodes of SMA Elba running around with an adorable child. 2019 is blessed.

Release date: Friday, March 15
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Santa Clarita Diet

Season to premiere in 2019: Season 3

What’s it about?: Eating people. But also, trying to be a better person in the face of the whole "eating people" thing. Now that the chaos around the Hammond family has momentarily settled down, they have time to ponder the big questions. Like, whether Drew Barrymore's zombie Sheila should bite her non-zombie husband Joel (Timothy Olyphant)? This way, they can be together quite literally forever.

And, how weird it is to keep your zombie-creating spider ball in a hamster cage? Over season 3's 10 episodes, we'll find out.

Release date: Friday, March 29
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The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina

Season to premiere in 2019: Part 2, wrapping season 1

What’s it about?: Riverdale creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa’s take on Sabrina Spellman (this time played by Kiernan Shipka) kicked off on Friday, October 26, 2018. Now we officially know the second half of season 1 will premiere in April 2019, following the genuinely spooky holiday special, which counts as season 1's 11th episode.

Expect to see Sabrina Spellman (Kiernan Shipka) truly embrace her sexy side, as part 2's very rock n' roll trailer promises.

Release date: Friday, April 5
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Season to premiere in 2019: Season 1

What’s it about?: A teen heart attack survivor is lucky enough to get a new heart from a late, wealthy teen. But, is something far more nefarious afoot with her family (played by Uma Thurman and Scandal leading man Tony Goldwyn).

Release date: Friday, April 26.
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13 Reasons Why

Season to premiere in 2019: Season 3

What’s it about?: Answering the terrifying final question of 13 Reasons season 2: “What do we do now?” The Netflix’s favorite’s sophomore year wrapped with Tyler Down (Devin Druid) nearly committing a mass school shooting before Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette) & Co. convinced him to flee in Tony Padilla’s (Christian Navarro) little red sports car instead.

As the finale wraps, we see Clay, Jessica Davis (Alisha Boe), and Justin Foley (Brandon Flynn), standing outside their high school’s spring fling with Tyler’s assault rifle; the sounds of police sirens blare in the distance. With 13 Reasons Why season 3, we’ll find out what happens next.

Whatever the resolution, two recurring characters will be more directly involved: Montgomery “Monty” de la Cruz (Timothy Granaderos), who sexually assaulted Tyler in season 2, and Nora Walker (Brenda Strong), mother of Bryce Walker (Justin Prentice). Both characters’ portrayers have been upped to series regulars for season 3.

Release date: TBD, but likely spring 2019
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Orange Is The New Black

Season to premiere in 2019: Season 7, the finale season.

What’s it about?: Wrapping up OITNB forever. As Netflix confirmed in October, it's ending the veteran drama in 2019 with season 7.

As we know, OITNB Season 6 ended by allowing its original protagonist, Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling), to finally exit the prison system. But that’s no reason to worry. Most of Orange’s most interesting characters — from Taystee Jefferson (Danielle Brooks) to Suzanne Warren (Uzo Aduba) — are still behind bars.

That’s good news for viewers and awful news for these beloved characters, who are trapped in the abject inescapable darkness that is maximum security prison.

Release date: TBD, but likely summer 2019
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Season to premiere in 2019: Season 3

What’s it about?: Glow season 3 will follow the Glow show-within-a-show women leaving their Los Angeles gym behind in favor of a full floor show in Las Vegas. Ruth Wilder (Alison Brie) will handle her long-distance relationship. Debbie Eagan (Betty Gilpin) will grapple with the fact that her young son is being raised a state away. And everyone will likely deal with the temptations of Sin City.

Release date: TBD, but likely June 2019
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Season to premiere in 2019: Season 3

What’s it about?: More terrible, blue-tinted things happening to the Byrde family in the titular Ozarks. As we learned in the season 2 finale, the Byrde family is there to stay, whether patriarch Marty (Jason Bateman) likes it or not.

Release date: TBD, but likely summer 2019
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Season to premiere in 2019: Season 2

What’s it about?: The return to the bloody, sexy world of Las Encinas, a wealthy Spanish private school. Elite season 2 will likely follow Samuel's (Itzan Escamilla) search for answers when it comes to the horrifying murder of his ex-girlfriend Marina (María Pedraza). The whole thing is very Big Little Lies meets Gossip Girl with more explicit sex than both shows combined.

The addition of three mysterious Las Encinas students to the cast will likely only make Elite round two even twistier than before.

Release date: TBD, but likely Fall 2019
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Season to premiere in 2019: Season 2

What’s it about?: Dealing with Patty’s (Debby Ryan) two season 1 finale murders. Seeing if the show can improve upon its messy attempts at black comedy. Pageants.

Release date: TBD
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Armistead Maupin’s Tales of the City

Season to premiere in 2019: Season 1

What’s it about?: A revival of the 1990s miniseries Tales of the City, based on a series of novels by Armistead Maupin, about a group of quirky characters in San Francisco.

The Netflix series, picks up twenty years after Mary Ann Singleton (current Ozark MVP Laura Linney) left her family and home to chase her career dreams. Mary Ann’s ex-husband and daughter are there waiting at her former home of 28 Barbary Lane, and drama will inevitably ensue.

Ellen Page will now play Mary Ann’s daughter, Shawna.

Release date: TBD
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The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance

Season to premiere in 2019: Season 1

What’s it about?: A prequel to 1982’s weirdo cult classic film, The Dark Crystal, this time told as a full television series. Again, Jim Henson’s Creature Shop is involved in production. Game Of Thrones' Nathalie Emmanuel and ascendant British bae Taron Egerton, who will play Elton John in the already buzzy 2019 musical biopic Rocketman, are the lead voices.

Release date: TBD

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