Netflix Has A Hilarious Teen-Centric Series In The Works

If you cared more about the teens of Stranger Things than you did Mike, Will, and the rest of the crew, you're going to love Netflix's new high school-centric endeavor.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix will debut Sex Education, an upcoming teen dramedy that explores the complicated (and often hilarious) problems that plague teens during adolescence.
The heart of the upcoming series, which is created and written by Laurie Nunn, is Otis Thompson, a high school student whose mother's job as a sex therapist gives him a unique perspective on the issues his classmates are dealing with.
Despite the fact that Otis is not engaging in any sexual activity (The Hollywood Reporter states that he is a "socially") he teams up with classmate Maeve to form their own unlicensed sex therapy practice in order to help their classmates.
The premise of the series sounds like a cool mix between MTV's coming-of-age comedy Awkward and the 2007 Anton Yelchin film Charlie Bartlett, in which a high school student becomes a pseudo-psychiatrist to classmates who don't want to seek professional help.
How Otis, a teenager without any first-hand experience, will help his classmates in their own romantic lives, is a bit of a mystery, but maybe this is a "those who can't do, teach" kind of situation?
Sex Education is also an exciting addition to Netflix's slate of young adult programming. It sounds like the perfect companion for the company's recently renewed series Atypical, which is about a boy on the autism spectrum who must navigate his own romantic life. Though decidedly heavier fare, 13 Reasons Why, another show set in the high school space, became a global hit for the streaming platform.
One bummer about this upcoming series? It won't premiere until 2019. Fortunately, the second seasons of both Atypical and 13 Reasons Why are on their way to fulfill your teen show quota in the meantime.

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