Artist Reimagines Stranger Things Kids As 2016 Hypebeasts

We often like to reimagine our favorite retro entertainments as if they were happening today. What if Jerry Seinfeld had an iPad. George invents a new version of Vine. Other things.

What has so far gone unimagined is: What if the children of Stranger Things were 2016 teenagers? Probably nobody has asked because Stranger Things is a show that trades on nostalgia as a stand-in for narrative, character, and coherent theme.

Now, artist Dan Freebairn and High Snobiety have reimagined the kids as, drumroll, utter hypebeasts. We know, the line between #menswear and hypebeast is dotted. But these kids have developed such brand-specific identities we worry that they're in danger of also developing personalities beyond being Brave. We know, they won't.

✏️ for @Highsnobiety #StrangerThings Lucas x Yeezy Season. . Full article at

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Lucas here has evolved into a YEEZY Season booster. This also means that he's stunningly rich and has taste that Anna Wintour thinks is a bit tacky. Watch out, Lucas, or Kanye-collaborating artist Vanessa Beecroft will co-opt your appearance for a tone-deaf performance piece that views race as nothing more than an aesthetic choice.

✏️ for @Highsnobiety #StrangerThings Dustin x Vetements. . Full article at

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Dustin's oversized Vetements getup isn't much different from his look from the original show. The only difference is that instead of being taunted by bullies for his elbow trick, he'll be able to use his skills to sneak past the lines at sample sales.

✏️ for @Highsnobiety #StrangerThings Eleven x Gosha Rubchinskiy. . Full article at

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Russian streetwear, specifically Gosha Rubchinskiy, define this look for Eleven. We can't even hate on this, this is immaculate. Eleven's got the "Dickensian street urchin comes upon a suitcase full of drug deal cash and immediately goes to Chinatown to hit up the Supreme reseller but gets distracted because the line at Prosperity Dumpling is hell of short only the gangsters catch up with her and she ducks into a random Russian bodega that's actually selling fire sweatshirts for, like, mad cheap" look down.

Check out the rest of the looks here.

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