Netflix Is Debuting 11 More New Treats Today — Here's What's Worth Watching

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Have you heard that Queer Eye returns on Friday, March 15? And Netflix’s lightning rod of revived comedy, Arrested Development? And that new Idris Elba DJ show premieres too? Along with an avalanche of other new TV seasons and movies too?
Yes, the latest Netpocalypse has arrived. That means the the streaming giant will debut a massive deluge of content with little or no notice or explanation — that is,unless you’re really reading the TV tea leaves. Because, there’s more to this week’s Netflix dump than those aforementioned marquee season and series premieres. There’s also everything from an unapologetically bizarre anthology series from two-time Oscar nominee David Fincher to a buffet of buzzy foreign films and even a telenovela revival. It’s enough to overwhelm your queue.
That's where we come in. We found all of Netflix's new offerings and broke them down by plot, genre, and whether you should watch something immediately or skip for now. Keep reading for the lowdown on all of these Netflix treats, complete with trailers.
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The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann (Season 1)

What is it?: Netflix’s most controversial true crime docuseries to date.

What is it about?: A deep investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, a 3-year-old British girl who went missing in Portugal during a 2007 vacation with her parents. Eventually, the McCann parents became polarizing suspects in the investigation — and now want no part in the docuseries.

While a whopping 40 individuals were interviewed for the eight-part Netflix doc, Kate and Gerry McCann aren’t one of them. Twists, turns, and revelations are ahead.

See or skip?: See. True crime Twitter is going to be dominated by The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann this weekend.
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Turn Up Charlie (Season 1)

What is it?: A reason to stare at Idris Elba for about four hours straight.

What is it about?: Think This Is Us’ show-within-a-show The Manny meets Problem Child 2. Elba plays Charlie Ayo, a struggling DJ living in the shadow of his one-hit-wonder past. After decades of failure, Charlie is given a chance at redemptionwhen his best friend David (JJ Feild), a successful actor, returns to London. David happens to be married to the even more famous DJ Sara (Piper Perabo).

The only problem is, the happy couple doesn’t want to toss Charlie in the studio with Sara. No, they want him to babysit their wildly out of control daughter, Gabrielle (Frankie Hervey). Antics and pathos ensue.

See or skip?: A streamable eight-episode series starring the Sexiest Man Alive? Of course you’re going to watch. Just don’t expect a lot more from this comedy, which doesn’t exactly know what it wants to be or who Charlie really is.
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Arrested Development (Season 5, Part 2)

What is it?: Eight more episodes of the cult comedy’s dragged-out fifth season.

What is it about?: Resolving the dangling plotlines of season 5's part 1, which dropped in May 2018. Many meta references. Possibly wrapping up the series forever, if critics get their way.

See or skip?: At this point, you know if you’re still clinging to the Arrested Development train. Not only has the series lost some of its early aughts luster, but, the on-set abuse levied against star Jeffrey Tambor (and a faction of the cast’s reaction) also soured much of the good will around the comedy.
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Queer Eye (Season 3)

What is it?: Self-care made into a TV show.

What is it about?: The Queer Eye crew packing up their Atlanta digs to go fix up some Midwestern heroes in Kansas City, MO Although the lifestyle series’ settings have changed, the tear jerking, heartwarming vibes stay the same.

However, we won’t spoil if Antoni Porowski’s avocado passion follows him to Kansas City.

See or skip?: See! The new season’s third episode — which revolves around two sisters — is a series-best.
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Love, Death + Robots (Season 1)

What is it?: A mostly-animated and extremely adult anthology from David Fincher and Deadpool director Tim Miller.

What is it about?: Eighteen separate NSFW stories about love, death, and, sometimes, robots. Episodes revolve around everything from werewolves — so hot right now! — to evil robots and nuclear explosions. Prepare for a truly wild time.

See or skip?: See! Watch the trailer for Love, Death + Robots and try to claim it doesn’t look absolutely awesome.
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Las Muñecas De La Mafia, aka The Mafia Dolls

What is it?: The long-awaited continuation of a 2009 Colombian telenovela.

What is it about?: Five women who end up entangled in Colombia's most fearsome drug trade. Expect many romantic twists and turns over the series’ second season — but don’t expect to see OG star Angélica Blandón.

In 2017, Blandón confirmed she would not return to Las Muñecas for its revival.

See or skip?: If you’re looking for a soapy, fun series to really sink your teeth into — see. After all, the beloved first season of Las Muñecas is 58 episodes long. If you, like Cassie Randolph, aren’t sure about big commitments, feel free to skip.
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What is it?: A Malay-language action movie inspired by true events.

What is it about?: A Malaysian oil tanker that is hijacked by Somali pirates. Lieutenant commander Arman Anwar (Hairul Azreen), a member of the elite PASKAL Navy unit, must rescue the vessel as a matter of national security. That means there are many guns, explosions, and screams ahead.

See or skip?: Skip, unless you’re my dad or someone else’s dad. As with every Netpocalypse, this specific new offering was made just for you.
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Burn Out

What is it?: A French action film practically made of motorcycles.

What is it about?: A speedy man named Tony (François Civil) who becomes a drug courier for the Parisian criminal underworld. The reason? The mother of his son has a $50,000 debt. Racing through The City Of Lights on a motorbike is the only way to save both of them.

Just go with it, okay?

See or skip?: Skip Burn Out and just catch its very symmetrical star François Civil in French comedy Call My Agent instead. Now that underrated Netflix series — about scrambling talent agents and their high-strung clients — is worth your time.
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Dry Martina

What is it?: An South American comedy that continues the Pop Star Past Their Prime trend.

What is it about?: The titular Martina (Antonella Costa), a singer who has lost her luster (and libido) since her 1990s success. All of that may change, however, with the appearance of Fran (Geraldine Neary), a Chilean fan who swears she is Martina’s long-lost sister, and, more importantly, Fran’s sexy boyfriend César (Pedro Campos).

Dry Martina questions whether a brand new family or hot sex will help Martina get her groove back.

See or skip?: See with a bottle of wine for the kind of evening Martina would be proud of.
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Si No T'Hagués Conegut, aka If I Hadn't Met You (Season 1)

What is it?: A Catalan-language sci-fi series (that’s also a meditation on loss).

What is it about?: A man named Eduard (Pablo Derqui), who is still reeling from the death of his wife and two children. When Eduard finds a way to to travel to alternate universes, he becomes obsessed with finding one where his family gets their happy ending.

If you’ve seen Dark, you know Eduard is playing a most dangerous game.

See or skip?: If you miss Fringe — or, Dark for that matter — with all your heart, see. Otherwise, feel free to skip.
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Green Door (Season 1)

What is it?: A Taiwanese supernatural thriller, premiering Saturday, March 16.

What is it about?: A. Therapist. Gives. Ghosts. Professional. Therapy. Complete with wonderfully terrible special effects.

See or skip?: See when you need to disconnect from the world with a charmingly ridiculous show.
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Bonus: Triple Frontier

What is it?: A heist film involving many internet baes and also Ben Affleck, which was released earlier this week on March 13. Welcome to your first free weekend to stream.

What is it about?: Five special ops agents (Affleck, Oscar Isaac, Pedro Pascal, Charlie Hunnam, Garrett Hedlund) who reunite in South America to steal a drug lord’s fortune. Also, seeing if Ben Affleck’s phoenix tattoo has a guest starring role.

See or skip?: That depends on how much you’re interested in those infamous beach photos, doesn’t it? Make your choice and live with the consequences.

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