The Christmas Prince Movies Are — Brace Yourself — Documentaries?

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Netflix may have inceptioned itself into a whole new universe. At least, if we're supposed to take all their Christmas movies as gospel (which I, of course, do), then there was a game-changing moment in Netflix's newest release, A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby. We already know that The Knight Before Christmas is in the same universe as A Christmas Prince, and that Vanessa Hudgens' character in A Princess Switch watches A Christmas Prince on her TV, but while we may have originally thought she, like us, was sitting down to enjoy another so-bad-it's-good piece of Christmas fiction, The Royal Baby suggests the whole franchise is actually...a documentary?
No, it's not that we suddenly see boom mics in shots and Queen Amber (Rose McIver) Jim-ing it to the camera. Instead, it's something Queen Ming (Momo Yeung) says to Amber when they're sharing a drink together that set off alarm bells.
"What with the Belgravians, here, in Aldovia, as well, it seems royals marrying outside of noble classes has become quite fashionable," she comments.
Hold up. Belgravia is where Hudgens' character gets married to royalty in A Princess Switch — the same character who watches A Christmas Prince. If she's watching a movie that seemingly is aware of her own existence, then either Netflix messed up, or A Christmas Prince is actually a documentary.
A documentary, that is, set in the world of The Princess Switch, which, taking place in Belgravia, means A Christmas Prince is not a documentary filmed in our world — and thank God. I don't know what would be worse: finding out that curses are real, or that there is a doctor out there who says the pain of giving birth isn't real.

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