The Voice Cast Of Big Mouth Season 3 Includes A Few Delightful Surprises

Photo: courtesy of Netflix.
For three seasons, Big Mouth has been getting real about teenage hormones, sexuality, and super awkward moments. Via animation and a celebrity voice cast, Big Mouth's stories have a charming quality to them — even when they're about some sort of gross stuff. (Okay, not gross, per-say. The human body is beautiful, but many of these characters are teenage boys.) For Big Mouth season 3, new cast members like Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt's Carol Kane and comedian Wanda Sykes rounded out he usual voice cast.
This show is known for its surprising celebrity cameos. Not necessarily because it's surprising that the stars agreed to work with co-creator Nick Kroll (a no-brainer), but because you never know when Kristen Bell is going to show up as the jealous ex-sex pillow of Jason Mantzoukas' Jay. Or when the The Office's Craig Robinson will voice a pubic hair and Kristen Wiig will stop by a few times to play teenage Jessi's vagina.
That, right there, is the magic of Big Mouth. It can get legendary actors to take on nearly unthinkable roles in the name of telling a surprising, hilarious, and real story about puberty. 
The new season three episodes that just hit Netflix on October 4 have quite an ensemble of people behind the characters. Here's the full cast of voices that you'll hear on the show.
Warning: Mild season 2 spoilers are ahead.

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