Where We Left Off At The End Of Big Mouth Season 2 & That Valentine’s Day Special

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Everyone’s favorite cartoon middle schoolers, and their hormone monsters, are back on Netflix this weekend, as Big Mouth season 3 premieres October 4.
But before you start your binge, you might want to catch up on where, exactly, we last left the pre-teens of Bridgeton Middle School. A lot changes for these kids in a matter of episodes, because, you know, middle school. And since I'm guessing you don’t have time to rewatch season 2 (which came out in October 2018) or the Big Mouth Valentine’s Day special episode (released in February 2019), we’re here to remind you of all the changes that went on throughout season 2.

What Happened In Big Mouth Season 2?

Jessi (Jessi Klein) spent most of last season acting out. She ran away, shoplifted, and generally rebelled against her parents because of their divorce and her mom’s relationship with Cantor Dina (Michaela Watkins).
Nick (Nick Kroll) entered into a relationship with Gina (Gina Rodriguez) and inched closer and closer to full-blown puberty with the help of a rotating crew of hormone monsters.
Andrew (John Mulaney) became well acquainted with shame and started dating Lola (also Kroll), with disastrous, embarrassing consequences.
Missy (Jenny Slate) dealt with body image issues and her own burgeoning puberty and hormones.
Jay (Jason Mantzoukas) and Coach Steve (also Kroll) became BFF and Coach Steve hooked up with Jay’s mom.

How Big Mouth Season 2 Ended

Toward the end of season 2, the Bridgeton Middle School gang was fresh off the schoolwide lunar eclipse sleepover that found every character under the power of the Shame Wizard (David Thewlis).
The Shame Wizard, a new character for season 2, did his best to send each and every Big Mouth character down a shame spiral, though he was momentarily confounded and distracted by the shameless and dim Coach Steve. While the Shame Wizard was distracted, the kids played “Smooch or Share” and ended up sharing a lot and exposing the Shame Wizard, while also banishing their feelings of shame.
One kid was left behind though. Jessi's shame hung on and she fought with her hormone monstress Connie (Maya Rudolph). After that, she found herself in the purring embrace of the Depression Kitty (Jean Smart) as the credits for the penultimate episode of season 2 rolled.
In the season 2 finale, Jessi fell fully under the spell of the Depression Kitty after running away from her mom (who wanted her to see a therapist) and ending up in the Department of Puberty with Nick and Andrew.
Andrew, Nick, Connie, and Maurice (Nick Kroll) helped rescue her from the Depression Ward, and along the way, Nick looked for a new hormone monster after the inept Tyler (also also Kroll) was fired for working with the Shame Wizard. Nick ends up assigned to Connie and masturbates for the first time at the end of the episode, and Jessi commits to therapy. Jay starts to question his sexual orientation after making out with Matthew (Andrew Rannells) at the lunar eclipse sleepover and having sex with a male couch pillow (this show will never give up on the pillow sex, it seems). Also, Coach Steve was fired (probably about time, tbh).

What Happened In The Big Mouth Valentine's Day Episode?

During the Valentine’s Day special, which is also technically listed as the first episode of season 3, Jessi and Matthew bond and Matthew meets a cute boy at the pharmacy. Andrew fights with Missy (after trying to get back together with her) and pushes Lars (Neil Casey) out of his wheelchair in a jealous rage. Also, Nick (now fully embroiled in hormonal puberty) yells at his parents (Fred Armisen and Rudolph, again), and sort of makes up with Gina — but just as friends. Jay ends his relationships with both his male and female pillows and takes a break from sex. DeVon (Jak Knight) and Devin (June Diane Raphael) get engaged, too, for some reason, even though they’re in 7th grade. The episode ends with Andrew getting kicked out of Lola’s Valentine’s Day party with most of the hair torn off the top of his head (yikes).
Things are sure to stay interesting in season 3, what with all the relationship shake-ups that went down at the end of season 2 and during the V-Day special. Will Andrew continue down his rage-and-embarrassment-rich path? Will Nick continue to blossom into puberty with the help of Connie? Will Jessi find happiness in some of her pre-puberty activities (like Debate Club) and/or her friendship with Matthew? Will Missy kick Andrew out of her life for good? Will Matthew and the Pharmacy Boy find pre-teen love? And will Jay ever figure out how to be comfortable in his own skin?
Season 3 picks up a few weeks after Valentine’s Day, and delivers a whole new set of problems and changes for our middle school crew.

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