All The Clues Pointing Towards The Serial Killer In The Alienist

Photo: Courtesy of TNT.
We all know the real fun of watching a show about serial killers is the wild speculation that comes with them. After all, Riverdale (allegedly) wrapped up the Black Hood mystery weeks ago and we’re still asking the big questions about his identity. The same twisty entertainment can be applied to TNT’s brand new serial killer drama The Alienist.
The series takes place in 1896 New York and follows alienist, or criminal psychologist, Laszlo Kreizler (Daniel Brühl), who is investigating the grisly murder of a young boy whose mutilated body was abandoned on an in-the-works bridge. Laszlo enlists the help of longtime friend and illustrator John Moore (Luke Evans), along with NYPD secretary Sara Howard (Dakota Fanning), to get to the bottom of the truly gruesome case. A case, Laszlo is convinced, may connect to another vicious killing three years prior.
The details of both murders are so haunting, it’s likely you’ll be kept up wondering, “Who would do this?” Well, it’s likely the answer to that question is hiding in the many clues scattered throughout The Alienist. To figure out who the killer might be, and where his motives come from, we put together all the details that might point toward his identity. Keep reading to see all the evidence — the conclusions will surprise you.
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