These Twitch Streamers Are All About The Good Inclusive Vibes

When we started Refinery29 Twitch almost a year ago, we knew we wanted to use it not only to provide a fun, safe space for women and non-binary folks to share in their love of gaming, but also to spotlight the pros, gamers, and streamers who are pushing the status quo in the industry both online and IRL. But with a vast world of content creators competing for attention on Twitch alone, finding streamers who you love can be a challenge. 
Ahead, we've rounded up some of our fave under-the-radar streamers who are all about inclusivity, connecting with others, and having fun.
A video editor and Capcom Creator (a community dedicated to Capcom games like Resident Evil, Monster Hunter, and Street Fighter), TiffanyLockheart says she’s “addicted to” MMOs. As a public-facing gamer, she’s noticed how women still face a lot of stigma and unfair backlash on the scene. It can often feel like women constantly have to prove themselves in the gaming world — something she (or anyone) shouldn’t have to do, but more than accomplishes on her channel.
Craving cozy, comforting vibes for fall? Check out Jupiverse’s channel — she’s all about cozy indie games and whimsical storytelling. As a bisexual Latina actress, she’s made it her mission to use her streams to fuse her love of gaming with theater and voice acting, while also using her platform for LGBTQIA+ activism. Over the years, she’s even helped raise over $15,000 for organizations like the Trans Empowerment Project and more.
Evolcigam — or “magic love” backwards — is the first to admit she’s not the greatest at video games, but that doesn’t stop her from loving them. So she opts for playing easy mode on a variety of games on her channel, including The Sims, BioShock, and Borderlands. As a bi, neurodivergent Latina and high-energy variety streamer, she’s passionate about highlighting inclusivity, intersectionality in gaming and improved representation. When she isn’t live, you’ll find her working on her novella, enjoying table-top role-playing games, and fostering kittens.
Willow is “trans, queer, and happy that you’re here,” as she shares in her bio. She first started gaming on a Nintendo Entertainment System with games like Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt, and now honors her origins by playing retro games during her streams while answering viewer questions about gender, sexuality, transitioning and more. She’s also an aspiring voice actress, and uses her channel to talk about her vocal work journey as well.
When she was growing up, Vana’s parents owned a video game store, so it’s only fitting that she’s now a full-time streamer. Her humorous variety gaming streams typically focus on indie games, like the laid-back Coral Island, but she’s also a fan of crocheting, crafting, tabletop RPGs, reading and books, and shining a spotlight on other gaming creators she’s a fan of. She also hosts a Dungeons & Dragons show called Higher Education.
Obsessed with a TV show or movie — XO, Kitty, the latest John Wick or Studio Ghibli flick? — but none of your friends share that passion, leaving you with no satisfying outlet to discuss it? PlayWithMae is about to become your virtual BFF. She talks about all of her current favorite titles, as well as touching on topics like anxiety and mental health, while playing what she calls “comfy” games (think The Sims 4 and Disney Dreamlight Valley).
Prepare yourself for a healthy (and hilarious) dose of sarcasm when heading to ohinova’s channel. A full-time variety streamer, she brings her sense of humor to pretty much everything, including a range of adventure, decision-based, and horror games like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and breezy convos about delicious food, queerness, buzzy movies, cool makeup, nostalgia, and anything else she finds funny. Plus, she does it all while fostering and supporting the diverse community by her side.
Like so many of us, QueenTenae became a gamer in childhood and learned from her father. When she was older, she passed on that love to her brother, and now, as a partnered Twitch and YouTube streamer, she’s sharing her passion with anyone who wants to find a safe, comforting, and chill space in her community. Apart from gaming, QueenTenae also enjoys talking about women’s rap and celebrating the women who shaped who she is today.
KokoNata incorporates her love of music into her variety streams, so expect a lot of (delightful!) singing over on her channel. A member of the Twitch Women’s Guild, KokoNata often gravitates toward open-world fantasy games, like Baldur’s Gate 3, and discusses issues like imposter syndrome, self-care, and chronic illness in a positive environment — with or without music.
Why is OMJess a “true” variety streamer? Well, as the Twitch Affiliate writes on her channel, it’s because that lets her do “pretty much whatever [she] wants” and play “whatever makes [her] feel good that day.” OMJess will try it all, from random karaoke bursts, serenading killers in Dead by Daylight, digging into Steven Universe, being a plus-size advocate, or speaking out against hateful trolls because she “honestly and truly cannot be bothered.”
If you have ever wanted to start streaming, but have always seen yourself as too scared or not outgoing enough to actually do it, Knimbley is the streamer for you. Growing up incredibly shy, Knimbley spent most of their childhood in libraries getting swept up on stories. Now, the creator wants to show others that there’s a place for even the quietest, most soft-spoken people on Twitch, and does so by diving deep into the lores of various RPGs like Dragon Quest XI. Knimbley also hosts a related podcast called Ethereal Femme: Lorekeeper. We love Knimbley’s content so much, they even became our first return guest streamer.
LenaLioness is a variety streamer who likes to bring together all things cozy and chaotic. What does that mean, exactly? Well, on any one of her streams, you may find her chatting about anything from skincare routines, her natural hair journey, the struggle to find a community, pop culture obsessions, and parasocial relationships — all while playing games like Apex Legends or Stray.
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