The Best Nintendo Switch Games To Hide Under The Doona With This Winter

#Gamergirls, rise up! After spending decades being the brunt of the joke and constant victims of game-based sexual harassment, women are steadily carving out a space for themselves in the gaming community. We're dominating Twitch streams, making music for video games, and yes, we're even cleaning up on TikTok.
Cosy games, a term popularised by TikTok, has been flooding our FYPs since lockdown. Found mostly on a Nintendo Switch, these games ditch the full throttle-action that's usually associated with video games in favour of more laid-back gameplay. Think: farming, cooking, wandering the woods, building houses and collecting things. AKA, all the good stuff. Sparked by the criticism that people who only play Animal Crossing aren't 'real' gamers (plot twist: you are), the #cosygames movement has already amassed over 250 million views, filled with women sharing their gaming recommendations, because, yes, we're gamers too.
So if you've been dreaming about taking the plunge into the Nintendo Switch world and want to know what magic awaits you, or you're already an avid Switch player looking for your next quest, we've got your back. Ahead, we've rounded up the best Nintendo Switch games to dive into.

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