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11 Women On How They Care For Their Natural Curls

As a curly-haired woman (and ex-beauty writer), I've tried pretty much every curl product, hair tool and method there is out there, from the viral Curly Girl Method right through to using the cult-favourite Dyson Supersonic's Diffuser™. And what I've learned from years of experimentation is that no two strands are the same when it comes to curly hair.
Some of us have coily curls, some have kinky curls, some have loose, wavy curls, and some have a little bit of every curl — but whatever the style or texture, we all have different routines when it comes to caring for our hair.
Some lather their curls in serums, oils and creams to find the perfect hold and shape, while others (hi, me) like to let their curls run free — whatever works, we say.
We spoke to 10 women with naturally curly hair who walked us through their current haircare routines and shared their best tips and tricks for a good curly hair day.

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