Everything We Know About The MAFS 2024 Reunion

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Warning: Potential spoilers ahead. We’re just a few weeks into the 2024 season of Married At First Sight Australia but the popular reality TV dating show is already gearing up for a series of explosive episodes when the final commitment ceremonies, reunion dinner party, and a reunion special that's set to air in April. 
This season of MAFS has already served up plenty of laugh-out-loud moments, cute connections and drama between the contestants, including one groom leaving the experiment before he even made it down the aisle. 
With rumours of not one but two cheating scandals and plenty of tension between the contestant couples, this year’s reunion could be the most dramatic in MAFS history. 
As with previous seasons, this season’s contestants have chosen to either decide to stay together or go their separate ways at the final commitment ceremony. Now, they'll reunite at the reunion dinner party, followed by one last grilling by the experts on the couch
Here’s everything we know about the MAFS 2024 reunion so far.

When Does The MAFS Reunion Air?

At this stage, the reunion dinner party will air on Sunday, April 7th.
It's been hinted that we'll watch Jono and Ellie officially debut their relationship, with Jono ready to kick things off with not just Lauren, but also Sara about her cheating scandal.

Where Can I Watch The MAFS Reunion? 

As with the regular MAFS episodes, the finale and reunion episodes will air on Channel Nine and 9Now – meaning you can watch them on the night or catch up at a later date (pssst, all our MAFS recaps live here).

What Goes Down At The MAFS Reunion?

This year’s reunion episodes are set to be extra spicy with rumours of cheating scandals, contestants walking off the show mid-season, and the brewing tension between groom Jack Dunkley and the rest of the cast. 
While we don’t know for sure what will come up during the reunion episodes, there are a few topics that we’re pretty sure will be addressed. 
Firstly, short-lived couple Collins Christian and Natalie Parnham will reunite for the first time after leaving the experiment at the first commitment ceremony. Natalie told Yahoo Lifestyle the reunion was the first time she had ‘properly’ heard from Collins since they parted ways. 
“We don't talk,” the 32-year-old told the publication. “What really hurt was he could see how sad and how affected I was by being on the experiment, and he never checked in.” 
“I checked in with him, he gave me one-word answers, but he never reached out just to see if I was okay.”
Ellie Dix and Jono McCullough will also debut their new relationship after ‘swapping partners’ during the experiment. Ellie was partnered up with travel agent Ben, while Jono was paired with fan favourite Lauren Dunn.
Photos surfaced online of Ellie and Jono sitting beside each other at Ellie’s work Christmas party in December. The couple were then spotted together at Tamarama Beach. It’s been reported the pair are quite open about their relationship and will attend the reunion together. 
Word on the street is that the reunion is the first time Ben became aware of their relationship and that he was completely blindsided by it. Damn.
We'll likely see Sara address her cheating rumours (and by the looks of it, plenty of other castmates' cheating habits, too).
And we might finally find out the truth about Jack and his ex-girlfriend. If you cast your mind back to the start of the season, there was a rumour at the first dinner party that Jack was in a committed relationship just weeks before he entered the experiment. The other contestants confronted him at the dinner party and Jack claimed he was in a casual relationship with a ‘bitter ex’. 
The ex, Courtney Jade, later posted a series of Instagram stories where she claimed Jack broke up with her "right after I met his family and he told me he loves me". Courtney claims Jack told her he had “a work opportunity in America” but was actually heading to Sydney to film the show. 

When Was The MAFS Reunion Filmed?

It hasn’t been confirmed when the MAFS 2024 reunion was filmed but it’s usually filmed in November/December of the previous year – a few months after the finale was filmed. 
So, we should expect a few breakups and some unexpected twists to have occurred between the cast during that time. 
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