MAFS Recap 2024 Episode 38: Jono & Ellie Reckon They’re On The Road To Love After Three Whole Weeks

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Fam. We're at the very last episode of this season of Married At First Sight Australia. Can you believe it?! After weeks of tears, fights, and veeerryyyyy questionable comments (we're looking at you, Jack), we're finally at the reunion. While last night, all eyes were on Ellie and Jono who were clearly in chaos mode, it looks like all will return back to normal tonight with Jack being the biggest flop of the season. Let's go!
All the couples file in together (including Jono and Ellie), and hit the couches for one final interrogation. But first, we get a little flashback of everyone's weddings, where times were good and happy and nothing hurt.

Jono & Ellie Reckon They're Falling In Love After *Checks Notes* 3 Weeks???

To kick things off on a really awkward note, we start the couch sessions with Lauren and Jono. Chaos mode, truly. Jono starts regaling his story about his totally ethical meet-up with Ellie after the experiment, how he called Ellie after Jono's final vows, and how they both had a lovely little laugh over the accusations that they were cheating with each other! Couldn't possibly be true! Which is why they were in a relationship just a few weeks later!
Jono is still adamant that he and Ellie have done nothing wrong and says that the last three weeks they've been seeing each other have been "amazing". Totally, totally platonic, my dudes.
Lauren says that she wishes Ellie had pulled her aside or even returned her hello. Ellie tries to pipe in but is quickly shut down by Alessandra before eventually saying she just "forgot" to say hello back to her. Okay. Ellie maintains that her messages were innocent, but Lauren says that their messages were clearly them trying to get to know each other.
Then Ben (remember that dude?!) is brought into it and says that it was obvious Jono had a crush on Ellie. Alessandra is like, BFFR, and interrogates Jono a bit, to which he says that he's "on a path" to falling in love with Ellie... after three weeks. Three. Weeks. Shit stirrer Alessandra asks Ellie the same thing, to which she also says she's getting there. It's all so, so, so awkward.
Then it's movie time!!! We get a little montage of their entire relationship, from their wedding to muzzlegate to consummating homestays to Jono's texting shenanigans to those iconic final vows. Jono has a little whinge about how Lauren didn't like her during the experiment, and Lauren aptly calls him out for trying to turn her into the bad person... again.
The both of them end up saying that despite all the trash, they have nothing against each other and even have a little giggle at the end. Then they're done. Bye bye Jono and Lauren. What a bloody clusterfuck that one was. Yet, I still feel kind of letdown. Like, that's all we're getting from the Jono and Ellie camp. Sad. I guess we'll need to live vicariously through papped beach photos of them now.

Cass (& The Rest Of The Group) Have Beef With Sara

Next up on the couch are Sara and Tim, who are still dealing with quite a chaotic reunion dinner party at the hands of old mate Jono. Jono, never able to just shoosh his mouth, says that Sara has a combative communication style which is why Tim felt like he couldn't bring up his issues with her. Then we get the flashbacks of their relo, and in a surprising turn of events, dear Cassandra is just NOT feeling Sara, saying that she's a liar. Cass says that Sara is fake and nasty, but Sara is like, we've never spoken a word bruh. Then Michael's like, oh, we doing this? Because I don't like you either!
Tim's asked if he trusts Sara, and gives quite a looooooong answer before saying they have a "bit to go" on that front. As to where they're at now (well, January)? They say they're planning a future together and Sara says she's falling in love with him. Then it's bye bye Sara and Tim.

Release The Jayden Tapes

Eden and Jayden are next. Jayden gives the experts a 'gift' to the experts — polaroids of himself covered in whipped cream. They say they are into each other still and Jayden says it's a "love story" and they want kids (but Eden sounds like she just wants dogs... smart Eden).
For some reason, we don't see a montage of their relationship. It's a shame, because I would have really loved to see people's reactions to the revelation that Jayden cheated on his ex with her best friend... while his ex watched. Oh yeah, I haven't forgotten, matey.

Tori & Jack Yeet Themselves From The Experiment

Alas, we move on to Jack and Tori... and Expert John already looks like he wants to biff. We get a lovely highlight of all the very special moments that Tori and Jack have endured during the experiment, including:
- Jack saying there was no "sexual spark" between him and Tori.
- Jack allegedly breaking up with his girlfriend to go on the show.
- Jack allegedly saying the boys have permission to bang his wife in a "couple swap".
- Jack telling a woman she needed to be "muzzled".
- Jack being flirty with Sara and smacking her butt.
- Jack calling people "whales".
- Jack's final vows.
- Jack.
Upon watching the compilation of their relationship, Tori says that she wants to leave and that the videos are confronting. Jack admits that he needs to think before he speaks. Tori says one of the toughest things in the relo wasn't Jack's actions, but people thinking their relationship wasn't real. But she doubles down on how legit their relationship is and says that when they're away from the experiment, they're great, and when they're back, it's a "shit fight". Then, the two of them end up WALKING. OUT. And leave the whole reunion while uttering "bullshit". Is the montage bullshit? The experts? Or perhaps Jack? We will never know...

Hope Is Restored Thanks To Tim & Lucinda

The final couple on the couch is Lucinda and Timothy, because apparently we don't give a toss about Cass and Tristan, Michael and Stephen, Ridge and Jade, Natalie or Collins.
Lucinda and Tim both share that they speak a few times each week and Lucinda is Lucinda, saying how much she loves him and how much of a good man he is. Tim says that he's a very different person now emotionally and says that Lucinda has softened him. Son Tristan beams about his Daddy Tim and praises Lucinda for changing him, which is adorable.
We get a beautiful compilation of their relationship, with Tim getting a bit emotional over watching himself open up about his family. But then we're back to laughing, watching Lucinda teach Tim what aftercare is and Lucinda's dad telling Tim to not get his "tits in a tangle". Then we're back crying, reliving Tim's emotional breakthrough and their BIG SMOOCH. It's one of the most emotional montages we've had and is proof of why Lucinda and Tim were the heart and soul of this season.
Back on the couch, Tim says their friendship is amazing and there's hope for the two of them. "It's not the ending of something, it's the beginning of something," Timmy says, before giving Lucinda a hug. PETITION FOR LUCINDA AND TIMMY TO REUNITE! But after Tim's done a bit of healing, please. I love these two, I don't want them to leave, and I don't know what I'm going to do without watching Lucinda's healing soul on our screens.
And that's it. We're done. It's the end of the season! Am I sad? Do I have PTSD from the events that have endured this season? Am I worried about how I'm going to fill four nights of my week now? Do we pick up hobbies? Regardless, a big cheerio for sticking around and reading my recaps each episode — there's no MAFS without the wild community that comes with it. Until next year!!!

WTF Moment:

Jono was quite close to taking this title thanks to the wild things he said this episode, but at the end of the day, it just wouldn't feel right to end the season without gifting Jack the final 'WTF moment' of the season, thanks to his compilation of shitty behaviour that went for what seemed like one hour.

Couple Of The Season:

Lucinda and Timothy. It couldn't be anyone else. And while they're not a couple now, their time on the show has been genuinely refreshing and a bloody joy to watch.


Lucinda, always.
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