From Who Sends The Texts To What Contestants Eat — Here Are Your Love Island Questions Answered

Love Island Australia is always full of drama, where flirty twenty-somethings couple up and try to stay together while resisting the temptations of new cast members called bombshells.
As we watch contestants go on sexy dates, receive cheeky text messages, complete very amusing challenges and make explosive decisions at the 'dumping' ceremonies, there are a lot of questions that still go unanswered about behind-the-scenes details that make it the addictive watch that it is.
But that mystery ends here. From what the Islanders actually eat to who sends the infamous texts, we've rounded up the most frequently asked questions about Love Island Australia and have the juicy answers right here.
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What does the cast of Love Island Australia eat?

The Love Island Australia cast is required to cook their own breakfasts — think the smoothies, toast and eggs that we've seen the contestants having on Season 4 this year.
However, lunch and dinner are catered for the cast so they can enjoy time away from the kitchen to develop their romances.

Who sends the texts to the contestants?

Every episode we see certain contestants receive a text from a mystery sender, either signalling a new arrival, or challenge or that host Sophie Monk is on her way in for another elimination.
As expected, the producers send these texts when the time calls for a little more drama in the villa.

Can the contestants say no to a date if they don't want to go?

Love Island Australia contestants can absolutely say no to going on a date with a bombshell or other cast member, but there hasn't been an instance so far where that's happened.

What are Love Island contestants told to pack before entering the villa?

Ex-contestant Jessie Wynter has previously revealed that producers send the Islanders a list of items to pack before their TV adventure.
"They said to pack 10 bikinis and 10 going out outfits and then 10 day outfits," she told So Dramatic!.
"But you also have to send a heap of photos of what I was going to pack and then they told me what to bring and what not to bring."

Who cleans the Love Island villa?

The contestants are encouraged to clean up after themselves, but Channel 9 also has cleaners that go in at various times to keep the Love Island Australia villa tidy.

How much do Love Island contestants get paid?

As with most reality shows like The Bachelor, Married At First Sight and Big Brother, contestants are provided with a living allowance so they can put their everyday life on hold and appear on the show.
Last year an alleged insider told So Dramatic! that Love Island Australia contestants receive a daily fee of $150 for expenses. They apparently also have the opportunity to make more coin for any sponsored content created in the villa.

How much alcohol are contestants served?

The new rule on Love Island Australia 2022 is that contestants are only allowed one alcoholic beverage per day.
"They [Islanders] get one drink a day and that is so they make good decisions because we are not one of those ‘get them hammered’ type of shows," Love Island Australia's executive producer Alex Mavroidakis told Herald Sun.
"We want them to look amazing and we want them to make smart decisions, so you will never see a drunk person on Love Island."

Can contestants smoke in the villa?

No smoking is allowed in the Love Island Australia villa.

Is there a producer in the Love Island villa?

There are producers and production staff on site near the villa 24 hours a day, in order to monitor what's happening between the contestants and see what footage coming through will work for viewers.
Season 1 contestant Jessie Wynter previously told So Dramatic! that "there was always someone in there [in the villa] kind of supervising and looking after us" during filming.
"They would just hide around the corner. They had a headset — obviously, the other producers were communicating to them," she told the popular reality TV podcast.

What happens when a contestant is dumped from the villa?

When a Love Island contestant is eliminated from the show, they have a limited time to farewell their co-stars, before having a debrief with the show's executive producers and a psychologist. They'll then go to a local hotel to rest before it's time to officially go home.
This year marks Season 4 of Love Island Australia, hosted by Sophie Monk in a beachside villa in Mallorca, Spain.
The cast includes Claudia, Stella, Holly, Jessica, Layla, Phoebe, Phoebe H, Maddy, Vakoo, Tak, Austen, Mitchell, Jordan, Conor, Andre, Callum, Madeline, Hugh, Married At First Sight's Al Perkins, plus Love Island Australia 2021 winners Tina Provis and Mitch Hibberd.
New episodes of Love Island Australia drop nightly from Monday to Thursday at 6pm on 9Now.
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