6 Bucket List-Worthy Ice Hotels Around The World

Spending the night in an ice hotel is one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences we can't wait to check off our bucket lists. While they are not exactly known for being comfortable — how cozy can an ice-carved bed be? — these man-made wonders are just incredible to behold. The construction alone requires muscle power, snow ploughs, and tons of ice — a very respectable feat considering the fact that these hotels have to be built from scratch every year. And, we haven't even started on the ice sculptures yet.

Most of these establishments open their doors in January and remain in operation through April. Click ahead for the most stunning ice hotels from around the world that are so Instagrammable, they might just be worth the frostbite.

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SnowHotel, Kemi, Finland

This 21-room hotel is part of SnowCastle, an annual winter attraction in Finnish Lapland. The structure is built in a completely different architectural style each year, down to the elaborate reliefs on the walls. A snow chapel sits on the premise for weddings and christenings.

From $410/night
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Iglu-Dorf, Gstaad, Switzerland

Heated igloos, outdoor jacuzzis, and sweeping views of the Alps are just a few of the amazing amenities this snow village has to offer. Guests are treated to a super on-theme dining experience at the Snow Bar, which includes mulled wine, a charcuterie selection, and a cheese fondue.

From $160/night
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Ice Hotel, Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

Founded in 1989, this hotel was the first to be completely constructed from ice and snow. Unlike its competitors, which mostly focus on private suites for couples and families, the hotel also offers dormitory-style lodging. Beginning in 2017, the hotel is open year-round, powered by solar panels in the summer months.

From $150/night
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Hotel of Ice, Sibiu, Romania

Situated in the middle of nowhere in Transylvania, The Hotel of Ice is like a living, breathing ice museum. Each year, the hotel commissions a team of sculptors to create a fantastical world of three-dimension ice structures around one theme. Last year's inspiration? Iconic movies from Jaws to Star Wars to Harry Potter. No matter the theme, you just know you'll be getting a memorable stay.

From $107/night
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Hôtel de Glace, Quebec City, Canada

With a head-turning exterior that looks straight out of Frozen, this hotel is a popular filming location for TV and film crews. Apart from the impressive snow vault structure, there's an ice tube slide, a glacier-themed cafe, and even a course on how to construct a cocktail glass entirely from ice.

From $385/night
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Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel, Alta, Norway

Although indoor temperatures typically hover in the low 20s F in Norway, you won't run the risk of freezing at this igloo hotel: The rooms are outfitted with sleeping bags made for extreme weather conditions, and snuggly reindeer skins also help keep the chill at bay.

From $278/night
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