The Most Popular Listings On Airbnb Are Gorgeous & Surprisingly Affordable

With more than four million accommodations spanning 190 countries, Airbnb is a treasure trove for properties that run the gamut from cozy to downright dreamy: If you can imagine it, it’s probably listed on the platform. We love combing through the database to search for the most incredible properties you can book, and slotting them into our Airbnb Wish Lists. Much to our delight, the startup has just served up even more travel inspiration.

As part of its trending report for hospitality trends the coming year, the brand has released a list of the most favorited properties in every country. And, let's just say that there are some real gems: From a private island in the sunniest part of Norway to a Tudor-style castle in Northern England, these getaways will give you a serious case of wanderlust. Click on to discover 10 of our favorites from the global roundup. You'd be surprised by how affordable some of them actually are.

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Atlanta takes home the honor of having the most wishlisted Airbnb listing in America. This jewel of a property features three tree houses interconnected by rope bridges. Doing yoga or finishing a book surrounded by a lush forest sounds like our idea of peak zen.

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#Yurtlife is pretty much the new #suitelife. This yurt camp is located in an ethno village, where you can experience life like the Kyrgyz nomads. There are lots of activities available on site, from horseback riding to craft workshops. The beach is just a 15 minute walk away, which is amazing given the price.

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Only accessible by boat, this cabin on a private island is as unique as it gets. With a location in Hvalar — the area with the highest number of sunny in Norway — the property provides an excellent base for fishing, swimming, and wayfaring to other islands.

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A double-decker school bus in Nairobi has been transformed into The Brandy Bus, a comfy haven for two. The bus is outfitted with a kitchen, and guests will be able to enjoy their homemade meals under the stars while toasting by the outdoor fireplace.

Photo: Courtesy of Airbnb.
French Polynesia

Motu house sits right on the beach, so you can practically roll out of bed to enjoy some fun in the sun. The proximity to unspoiled waters guarantees a sublime snorkeling experience.

Photo: Courtesy of Airbnb.
South Korea

A hanok is a traditional-style family home, and this listing definitely fits in the luxury end of the spectrum. According to the owner, a co-founder of Airbnb actually stayed in this very house during a visit to Seoul in 2013. The historic building is just five minutes away from Gyeongbokgung Royal Palace and Chong Wa Dae, the Korean Presidential Residence.

Photo: Courtesy of Airbnb.

Tucked in the heart of the Medina, this riad — a Moroccan residence built with a courtyard — wows with stunning tile work, a spiral staircase, and antique fixtures.

Photo: Courtesy of Airbnb.
United Kingdom

A family home built in the 1840s, Augill Castle is a stunning retreat tucked in the Lake District, one of England's most scenic regions. The architecture looks straight out of a period drama, and you can live out your royal fantasies while surrounded by stained glass, Gothic windows, and Tudor-style paneling.

Photo: Courtesy of Airbnb.

Artsy folks will be fascinated by this bedroom in an art gallery. Guests will get the chance to meet the local artists whose work has been displayed on site, and even create your own artwork in the studio. Stick around in the evening to enjoy Rwandan traditional dance performed by local children.

Photo: Courtesy of Airbnb.

The correct way to live large would be at this stunning cave house, which has been carved into a cliff overlooking the Santorini coastline, a volcano, and Thirassia Island. Imagine having a glass of wine in the plunge pool while facing all that gloriousness.

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