The Sexiest Moments From Gossip Girl

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My high school experience was nothing like the characters in Gossip Girl's. It wasn't just that I didn't attend galas on Friday nights, or that I didn't have a maid named Dorota upon which I flung my daily grievances. The kids on Gossip Girl were all gettin' some with such frequency and fervor that I'm surprised they had time to get into college.
By Season 6, it was impossible to keep track of the once and future flings between the core group of Blair (Leighton Meester), Serena (Blake Lively), Dan (Penn Badgley), Chuck (Ed Westwick), and Nate (Chace Crawford). Despite how racy Gossip Girl was, there were some sex scenes that didn't make the cut.
"We had a story about Chuck taking care of Blair under a table at Xan's," Gossip Girl executive producer Joshua Safran told Vulture. "I don't think we were able to do it, but we hinted at it."
Alas — the scenes we'll never see, the lives we'll never have. Ten years after the Gossip Girl premiere, these steamy scenes that did make the cut are fresh on our mind.
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Blair surrenders her virtue in the backseat of a limo.
Season 1, Episode 7

If they lived in the age of Uber, it's guaranteed that Chuck and Blair would both have terrible ratings. Blair loses her virginity to Chuck in a limousine.
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Blair & Chuck talk accessories.
Season 1, Episode 10

While they're hooking, Chuck tells Blair that she's nothing more than an accessory when she's next to her current boyfriend, Nate.

"On me, you'd be so much more," he follows up. We have to admit: He's a creep, he had a way with seductive words.
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Nate gets a taste of the Hamptons.
Season 2, Episode 1

Using his fake relationship with Serena as a disguise (just go with it), Nate's able to carry out a summer-long affair with an older woman, Catherine Mason (Mädchen Amick), while he's in the Hamptons.
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Dan & Serena make eyes on the Hamptons jitney.
Season 2, Episode 2

Of them all, this is one seduction tactic that we actually could've applied to high school circumstances: the cute, clumsy bus tumble.
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Chuck attempts to seduce Blair through raspy whispers.
Season 2, Episode 3

The Chuck-Blair sexual tension revs up at this very public party after Blair attests that her current boyfriend, Marcus, is good in bed, and Chuck isn't believing it.

"Is that so? Then what names does he call you when you make love?" Chuck says, then proceeds to attempt to seduce her. His speech ends with a proposition: "Have sex with me."

She turns him down, but she can't forget it.
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Nate & Juliet do it like a G6.
Season 4, Episode 6

Gossip Girl never feels more endearingly dated than when it plays "Like a G6" to set the mood.
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Nate benefits from nepotism.
Season 5, Episode 3

Nate's older lover, Diana (Liz Hurley), gives him an internship at her newspaper. When he expresses hesitation at having sex in the office, Diana fires everyone standing outside. Le what?!
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Nate & Serena clean out the fridge.
Season 5, Episode 14

Serena catches Nate in the kitchen, and interrupts his cooking sesh with something a bit steamier. They feed each other strawberries and spaghetti for foreplay.

"I told you I was good in the kitchen," says Nate, after it's done.
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Dan & Blair do it in an elevator.
Season 5, Episode 18

The sexiest, most amicable break-up in history took place in an elevator between Dan and Blair. Before they end things, Blair stops the elevator and gives them one last hurrah.

"People need to go up and down," Dan says.

"Mm, yes they do," Blair responds. Yes, that's an innuendo.
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Serena & Dan reunite.
Season 5, Episode 24

At the time, Dan and Blair were sort of together, though Blair was continually being pulled into Chuck's orbit. Serena swoops in and gives Dan a taste of their old chemistry.

"Don't sound so surprised. We were always good together," she says, after they have sex.
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Chuck & Blair go to Monte Carlo.
Season 6, Episode 1

Who even goes to Monte Carlo?
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