Blake Lively's New Psychological Drama Is The OA Meets Gone Girl

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What happens when the person you love most in the world is also the person you need to survive? That's how things are for Blake Lively's character in her new film All I See Is You, which dropped its first trailer on Monday.
In the movie, Lively plays Gina, a blind woman who regains her sight only to find that her husband James (Jason Clarke) doesn't appreciate her newfound independent spirit. The result is an unsettling mix of The OA meets Gone Girl, meaning this is one film to put on your must-watch list.
The new trailer cuts to scenes of Gina hanging onto James' arm as they move their way through crowds. Clearly, she relies on him — maybe even a little too much for her own good. When she regains her sight after an operation, James seems strangely disconnected from his wife...and then, oddly suspicious, paranoid, and angry about the "new Gina" he sees.
Gina, for her part, is embracing life, with a new platinum blonde hairstyle and sense of adventure to match. However, the mood of the trailer soon turns dark, with quick shots of darkened clubs, angry looks, and, at one moment, possibly blood on Gina's hands.
Maybe the question isn't whether Gina and James' marriage will survive, but if both of them will live to see the end of the movie.
Lively spoke to Glamour about the twisted love story at the center of the film.
"Gina’s husband appreciates her. It seems like he doesn’t mind that she has this condition that makes her rely on him. But what you learn is it goes beyond the fact that he doesn’t mind. It becomes an obsessive love story. You realize it’s a codependency. And when the codependency no longer exists [when she can see again], it can create fractures," Lively revealed.
Check out the tale of obsession when the film hits theaters on October 27.

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