Adam Brody Confirms Blair & Dorota Are Still Best Friends

For all of its glitz, glamour, galas, and galavanting about the Upper East Side, Gossip Girl was a show about relationships. Dan and Serena. Rufus and Lily. Chuck and Blair. Dan and Vanessa — just kidding, no one cared about Vanessa. Let's be real, though: For all the "three words, eight letters" romancing that took place, the MOST important relationship on the show was that between Blair Waldorf and her faithful maid/life coach/espionage partner/sidekick/text message buddy Dorota Kishlovsky. That's why it brought me such immense pleasure to pick up this little tidbit on a recent episode of The Hollywood Reporter's Off the Cuff podcast. Leighton Meester's husband Adam Brody (yes, it still excites us that these teen TV show dreams are married) was on Off the Cuff to talk about his new movie, Growing Up and Other Lies, along with co-star Josh Lawson, and writer/director/co-star Danny Jacobs. It turns out that Zuzanna Szadkowski, who played Dorota on Gossip Girl, also has a small role in the film. Meester and Brody had nothing to do with her casting, though.  "Zuzanna...she's one of my wife's best friends," Brody says. "I didn't know her at the time. I wasn't with my wife yet. We hardly talked [when we were shooting]...she's an awesome person, too." It brings us immense joy to learn that Blair and Dorota are still going on adventures, post-Gossip Girl — and that they've now brought Adam Brody into the mix. Just imagine the crossover episode possibilities of dropping Seth Cohen into the scandalous lives of Manhattan's elite. There is one thing that we'll never get over, though. The identity of Gossip Girl herself. Who else had money on Dorota? 
Listen to the entire Off the Cuff below. Brody also discusses his current DirecTV show, Billy & Billie, which is highly recommended if you love dark relationship comedies and Neil LaBute. (THR)

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