The Ugg-ly Shoe Holiday Gift Guide

Confession: I’ve somehow made it through 36 years of life without interacting with an Ugg — the Australian-born, shearling-lined suede boot synonymous with cozy comfort and just a little bit of camp. So, when I was tasked with assembling a list of the brand’s holiday must-haves, I had to consult an experienced teammate who hails from the ancestral epicenter of the shoe’s popularity: Southern California. “Uggs were a status symbol in my hometown when I was in middle school,” writes SoCal born-and-raised Alexandra Polk, Refinery29’s very own lifestyle writer (and, lucky for me, unabashed Ugg stan), over our private Slack convo. “There were people who wore the short ones, the taller ones, the fake ones, and that was when I first grew attached.” When I ask Alexandra why she thinks Uggs have had such staying power, she tells me, “The classic Ugg boot is so simple and is perfectly designed for what they're meant to do: keep my feet warm.” (She also adds that she likes to wear hers “with sweats, leggings, and all things comfy — I haven't tried pairing Uggs with real clothes since I was 12.” Respect.)

And, though I have yet to slip my own feet into these shearling-lined fluffer nutters, what I do know as a fashion writer is that people from all walks of life go hard for these softies — it seems like every iteration of the Ugg shoe, no matter how kooky, achieves top seller status. In addition, thanks to their sublime coziness and genre-transcending chonk, Uggs also make for perfect cold-weather gifts, whether the recipient is a fashion magpie or a comfort-seeking auntie who’s blissfully unaware of the brand’s many hype collaborations.

“Uggs are just comfy bedding for your feet,” Alexandra adds when I ask her to describe the experience of wearing them. “The fleece lining is the luscious down comforter, the suede outside is the chic duvet cover, and my toes are the real winners at the end of the day.” (Although I’d bet the runner-up would be the person who unwraps a new pair of these Aussie plushies this gift-giving season.)

Ahead, find some of this year's most unique and highly-rated Uggs that will please any biped on your list this holiday season.
The Y2K "Let's Hit The Club" Boot
Remember all the club-hopping heiresses and reality stars in the early aughts? Many of them were unabashedly doing so in these classic puppers. Available today in seven colors in various shades of browns and neutrals (and one in lavender), this is the starter Ugg for those who have never worn the sheepskin boot before. Plus, this can be worn up the calf or rolled down to the ankle with some of the fluffy stuff exposed.

Best For:
The Newbie
The Hype: 4.8 out of 5 stars and 3,162 reviews on
What Fans Are Saying:
"Bought these boots for a trip to DC in the winter and were the only shoes I ended up using. Super comfortable and kept my feet nice and toasty. Highly recommend them if you need to do a lot of walking in a colder climate. If you have larger calves as I do, I suggest going 1/2 a size up instead of down. I'm normally a 7 1/2 and the size 7 fit just fine but if you like your boots to be a little roomier in the calf area you won't regret sizing up."
The Short Stack
It's the classic Ugg boot, trimmed. This boot would be ideal for the person who already has the tall version and now wants to add a shorter, more vibrant color to their wardrobe.

Best For: Main Character Energy
The Hype:
4.6 out of 5 stars and 1,265 reviews on
What Fans Are Saying: "The mini size is great and much more versatile than the OG size. These are super lightweight and keep my feet comfortable and warm on these cold winter days, perfect for indoor wear, but wear them cautiously outside as they aren’t waterproof (suede)."
The Fashion Girl's Ugg
You can say this is Ugg's response to the chunky loafer trend of 2021 — and even I have to admit that it's pretty darn cute. So far, the style has only racked up four reviews; but each of them is effusive and glowing, earning this style a spot on our list.

Best For: The Trend Chaser
The Hype: 4.8 out of 5 stars and 4 reviews on
What Fans Are Saying: "These arrived just in time for fall. I cannot wear socks or stockings due to neuropathy so the plushness of the inside is oh so heavenly and my toes stay warm on cool mornings. They are so comfortable and I like not having shoe strings so they are easy on and off."
The Princesscore Ugg
The classic mini in shocking Schiaparelli pink? Never has a shoe so successfully put the “x” in both “luxurious” and “extra.” It’s a perfect choice for anyone looking to level up their at-home routine.

Best For: The Hostess
The Hype: 4.5 out of 5 stars and 3,645 reviews on
What Fans Are Saying: "Received them as a gift after wanting them for years but not wanting to bite the bullet myself. They are so comfortable and have not thinned out since getting them (almost six months!). I recommend them to everyone I know!"
The Cold-Feet Boot
Though this is sold as a men's shoe, there are also plenty of women who have reviewed this boot and are enamored with how versatile it is for the outdoors (just order two sizes down).

Best For: The Soft Dude
The Hype: 4.9 out of 5 stars and 3,349 reviews on
What Fans Are Saying: "My husband is bougie AF and wanted these to wear as house slippers. I finally caved and got them for him and he hasn't taken them off! Both my daughter and I have a pair of Uggs and love them. These are so different! Soft, warm and comfortable."
The Inside-Outside Mule
So often, the winter calls for a house slipper that can also hold up during a quick outdoor errand. And, with its extra thicc platform sole, this shoe is it.

Best For: When Every Day Is A Lazy Sunday
The Hype: 3.9 out of stars and 60 reviews on
What Fans Are Saying: "These are aggressively ugly in the green which may be the point. They are sooo comfortable though! A keeper. I may turn down the temp so I can wear them now!"
The Ugg As A Space Boot
If the metallic boot — a must-have for greeting celestial out-of-town visitors — is not your speed, this clompy zip-up style is also available in simple black or army green. But, many kudos to the person who specifically seeks out this silver fox-y lugsole and wears it with absolute gumption. We see you (from outer space).

Best For: Being Extra
The Hype:
4 out of 5 stars and 94 reviews on
What Fans Are Saying: "This is Ugg's answer to the combat boot. Although the shaft is not as high as the Doc Martens these boots are SUPER COMFORTABLE!! True to size — 7 is cozy, warm and I can walk in them for HOURS. Where are the colors, Ugg?? Please make them in more colors??!!!! PLEASE."
The Fireside Slipper
Picture the man in your life — it could your an S.O., a dad, brother, or friend — wearing this cushy loafer, wrapped in a flannel robe, and snoozing in a comfy chair by the fireplace. All that would be missing is a slinky cat purring on his lap.

Best For: The Homebody Guy
The Hype: 4.7 out of 5 stars and 3,499 reviews on
What Fans Are Saying: "I purchased Men's UGG Slippers for my son about three years ago and was delighted at how much he loved them (it's a bit difficult to find Christmas gifts that he needs and wants). So, when I noticed recently that those slippers were looking pretty worn, I asked if he'd like another pair this Christmas. He was very enthusiastic about getting another pair, and I was happy to be able to give him something he really wanted and needed. These slippers are absolutely fantastic, (I wish UGGs would make a smaller exact version for women). The lining is really soft and thick, the leather is soft but long-wearing, and the rubber soles are perfect for the guy who forgets he has slippers on when he heads out the door to the garage."
The Instant UGGalosh
Exclusively sold on, these trending shoe protectors turn any Ugg boots with a "classic" outsole — i.e. the Classic Mini, Classic Short, Neumel, and others — into waterproof galoshes in a pinch. They come in a collection of six fun mix-and-match colors, and as of this story's publish date, almost 5,000 folks have checked out this product in the past 24 hours.

Best For: Puddle Hoppers
The Hype: 4.5 out of 5 stars and 13 reviews on
What Fans Are Saying: "I gave five stars for the genius idea alone. Fits my size 7 women's Molly Goddard [shoes, with] no issues with the fit. The galoshes are a smart idea that customers must have been asking for, my only complaint is the sole should be thicker and the cleats should be thicker. I can see stepping on a stone or piece of glass and the thin silicone getting pierced. Given that $45 is a bit on the high side, but I will wait to see how they work."
The "Secret" Ugg
Honestly, these insoles are great for people who refuse to wear Uggs, but secretly want to live that sheepskin shoe life (without anyone knowing). And separately, these pancake-y layers are exactly what true Ugg-heads need if they've stomped their beloved insoles to crepe-level flatness.

Best For: Sheepskin Steppers
The Hype: 4.5 out of 5 stars and 448 reviews on
What Fans Are Saying: "My Uggs were in good shape on the outside even after a year of daily use but the inside was worn down. These inserts have made my Uggs like new. Wonderful And toasty warm again — a pleasure to wear."
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