The Easiest Shoes To Wear While Traveling

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You're all packed up. You've planned the obligatory OOO Instagram. But before you take off for a week of R&R, you (unfortunately) have to be in transit. No matter how relaxing this vacation is meant to be, there are unique stresses to each means of transportation. And odds are, if you're dashing through the airport or train station, it's less Sam running after Joanna and more schlepping across terminals with one too many carry-ons, narrowly making your connection. Yeah, we've been there (and watched and rewatched Love Actually every step of the way).

However, we've learned that a solid pair of shoes can make the whole experience so much smoother — whether it's supporting our arches during long hours of travel, keeping us moving as we jet from A to B and sometimes C, or just giving us something pretty to look at when our flight's delayed. So we've found 22 easy shoes for the endless wanderer: These sneakers, espadrilles, and sandals slip on and off quickly at security checkpoints, are primed for long walks (or laps around the bus station), and can be worn with socks for hours on end in chilly cabins (yes, even the sandals). Click through for the travel footwear you need before you jet off.

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