The Swimsuit Shopping Guide You Haven't Read Before

Like politics or religion — without the awkward family dinner conversations — people have very specific opinions about what they like to do at the beach. Some prefer the water, diving through waves, and hopping on the back of a jet ski. Some prefer staying on the shore, only getting up from their towel when the day is officially over. And some prefer the party scene. You know the equation: sun + strawberry daiquiris = one hell of a Saturday afternoon.

How you spend your beach day is up to you. But what you wear? Well, that's where we come in. Ahead, find 25 super-specific summer personalities and the one-piece, bikini, monokinis, and more that will get the job done.
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Beach Personality: Every Moment Is A Fashion Moment
The Suit That Suits You: Introducing: your "fashion suit." Any opportunity to leave the house is an opportunity a to make statement — and the beach is no exception. Opt for a colorful one-piece that can double as a bodysuit. That way, you're wearing something that's practical enough for taking a dip, but looks good enough with a skirt and slides for an #OOTD-worthy ensemble (because we know you'll be 'gramming your day nonstop).

Araks Jireh One Piece Royal Splash, $365, available at Araks.
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Beach Personality: Selfie Queen
The Suit That Suits You: If you and your friends were famous, rich teens, you'd be the Kylie Jenner of the group — documenting your each and every move on a variety of social media platforms and snapping a million and one shots in your latest beach get-up — which, of course, is a very of the moment style. Sorry, Alexa Chung, but we're going to stick with Taylor Swift on this one: Chokers are cool and they're even cooler when they're part of a bathing suit.

Onia Laura Choker Top, $95, available at Onia; Onia Lily Sporty Bikini Bottom, $80, available at Onia.
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Beach Personality: All About The Wanderlust
The Suit That Suits You: Bamboo beach mat. The latest issue of Kinfolk. Your beach day is meant to make you feel like you're as far away as possible, even if it only took you an hour to get there. To go with the aesthetic (because really, isn't that what it's all about?), you need a simple, minimalist bikini that's a far cry from the kind of brightly colored chevrons you always flip past on the racks.

Ward Whillas Osprey Top, $180, available at Ward Whillas; Ward Whillas Lola Bottom, $135, available at Ward Whillas.
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Beach Personality: Always Down For A Dip
The Suit That Suits You: For those with fish-like tendencies, choose a two-piece that’s styled to stay put (even when the wave wins). Look for a top with secure flat straps and a wide, comfy band, and bottoms with more substantial sides than strings.
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Beach Personality: All Shade, All The Time
The Suit That Suits You: Everyone knows where to find you: Kicking back under an umbrella. Since you're not one to lay out and douse yourself in tanning oil, it's easy to have fun with cut-outs and unexpected detailing. No fear of funky tan lines here.

Made by Dawn Faith Top, $120, available at Made by Dawn; Made by Dawn Faith Bottom, $130, available at Made by Dawn.
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Beach Personality: Straight From The Cabana To The Club
The Suit That Suits You: You've been looking forward to your trip to Ibiza for six months now and need a suit that is as party-ready as you are. That's where this metallic crop-topped stunner comes in. Not only does the hue scream "party over here," but the comfortable silhouette is guaranteed to not let you down — even after 12 hours on top of some tabletop later.

Prism London
Okinawa Top, $215, available at Prism London; Prism London Shikoku Bottoms, $133, available at Prism London.
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Beach Personality: Resident Pool Float Professional
The Suit That Suits You: The number one thing on your holiday wish list? A giant Pegasus pool float that you pre-planned one too many pictures, parties, and so forth around. Well, it's finally time to break your water companion out, and that means you need the perfect suit to match. Gravitate towards something that looks good with your new toy and is comfortable enough to sprawl in all day long (since we know you won't be moving until the sun goes down).

Nu Swim Straight One Piece, $112, available at Need Supply.
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Beach Personality: Hat On, Mojito In Hand
The Suit That Suits You: When it comes to "doing" the beach, you're not messing around: We're talking a wide-brimmed hat, a mojito within reach, frozen grapes nearby, a Spanish fan in hand — all while camped out in your cabana, obviously. Keep it classic (and classy) with a flattering black one-piece that has just a hint of detailing.

Shore Club Stripe Tank Swimsuit, $53.20, available at Swimsuits For All.
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Beach Personality: Can't Stop Strollin'
The Suit That Suits You: Posting up with your nose in a book isn't your idea of a beach day well spent: Instead, you prefer to spend hours scouting the coast for seashells and walking for miles. Since the majority of your choice activities involve direct sun exposure, you're undeniably going to get some color. A functional, classic cut is comfortable, practical, and won't leave you with insane tan lines.

Bower Swimwear Bardot Bikini Set Navy, $181.19, available at Bower Swimwear.
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Beach Personality: Adventure Seeker
The Suit That Suits You: You're ready to get down and dirty with the weekend's many activities — sandcastle competition, jet-skiing afternoon, fishing excursion — so you have no time to fuck around with impractical swimwear. Protect your shoulders from the sun and prevent sand from getting into weird places with this sleek one-piece that says you mean business.

Robyn Lawley Arc Mountain Multifit Scuba Suit, $189, available at Hey Gorgeous.
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Beach Personality: Spring-Breaker 4Ever
The Suit That Suits You: Sure, you may have graduated from college (what has it been, three years now?!), but there's nothing wrong with treating yourself to an adult spring break. Forgo Jello shots and fire limbo for a more relaxed atmosphere, but keep your lewk on-point with a sexy, high-cut nude bikini.

Mandalynn Ali Top - Sand, $119, available at Mandalynn; Mandalynn Ali Bottom - Sand, $91, available at Mandalynn.
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Beach Personality: Cool Mom Doing Cool Mom Stuff
The Suit That Suits You: Bringing your new babe beachside for the first time? With all the sand-digging and water-splashing that's likely to occur, you'll need a bathing suit you won't have to worry about twisting or tangling. A reliable one-piece (with a belted waist and colorful striped accent) is the key to looking good, feeling good, and getting the most out of summer with your new +1.

Lisa Marie Fernandez
Poppy Seersucker One Piece Swimsuit, $395, available at Lisa Marie Fernandez.
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Beach Personality: Loves "Long Walks on the Beach"
The Suit That Suits You: We get it: You're a romantic; you "like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain." And since you're likely planning on a beach trip for the books, you need a bikini that's fit for the occasion. A muted-colored, ethereal, floral-printed two-piece does the trick, whether you're honeymooning for weeks or just taking a three-day-long getaway with your S.O. Love is in the air — er, sea breeze.

Pavilion Tri Ladder Bikini, $285, available at Zimmermann.
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Beach Personality: An Old Soul
The Suit That Suits You: Forget string bikinis and whatever other trends the "kids" are wearing these days. You may still, in fact, be "a kid" by definition, but you much prefer a retro look when it comes to hitting the beach. A high-waisted suit (in a vintage-inspired gingham pattern), cat-eye sunglasses, and some 35mm film are all you need to feel like a chic '60s pin-up — and not just another milennial.

Solid & Striped The Belle Top Olive & Cream Gingham, $88, available at Solid & Striped; Solid & Striped The Bridget Bottom Olive & Cream Gingham, $88, available at Solid & Striped.
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Beach Personality: Us Weekly Issues Hoarder
The Suit That Suits You: To you, a day at the beach means one thing: The perfect time to catch up on all of the ridiculous celebrity gossip you haven't heard yet. For hours on your towel, you'll need something that doesn't leave weird, uncomfortable marks (because nothing should have to distract you from Kim and Kanye's latest "marital troubles"). A straightforward, athletic-inspired suit is exactly what you'll want to be wearing as you plow through stacks of People, US Weekly, and whatever other glossy you picked up at the convenience store on the way.

Forever 21 Plus Size Mesh-panel Bikini Top, $17.90, available at Forever 21; Forever 21 Plus Size Stripe Bikini Bottoms, $15.90, available at Forever 21.
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Beach Personality: Reigning Water Sports Champion
The Suit That Suits You: Surfing, wake-boarding, deep-sea diving: Whatever your sport of choice, you'll need a high-function suit that's protective, functional, and totally badass at the same time. Give your rash guard a modern, fashion-forward upgrade and swap it out for a minimalist, color-blocked version (with a little mid-section cut-out) — it's cool and unexpected.

Flagpole Kelly, $450, available at Flagpole.
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Beach Personality: Snack Junkie
The Suit That Suits You: Let's be real: One of the main reasons you agree to go to the beach is because...boardwalk food! Soft-serve ice cream, french fries, funnel cake — you've got that treat yo'self mentality, which is where a high-waisted bathing suit comes in handy. Food babies ain't got nothing on this two-piece.

Cocodune Vesper Bandeau, $72, available at Cocodune; Cocodune Trouble High Waist, $82, available at Cocodune.
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Beach Personality: Ultimate Girly-Girl
The Suit That Suits You: Some girls are just all about the pink, sparkly life: And that's just fine. But, instead of going all Barbie girl under the beach umbrella, introduce some new shades into your wardrobe (we're talking blue, purple, orange, yellow — the works). Pair with oversized sunglasses and the trashy novel, and consider your day ready to go.

Open Back Zigzag Viscose Knit Swimsuit, $640, available at LUISAVIAROMA.
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Beach Personality: SPF 8
The Suit That Suits You: You get a lecture each time (so we'll spare you one here), but your beach mission is to get in as much sun time as possible. Your skin, your choice — but if you're going to lay out all day long, you should have a suit that's just as gold and shiny.

Calvin Klein Beachwear Icons Metallic Bikini, $165, available at Net-A-Porter.
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Beach Personality: Chillin' Out, Maxin', Relaxin' All Cool
The Suit That Suits You: For straight-up reading, sunbathing, and music listening, you don't need anything overly-functional or overly-trendy. A classic bikini (in a fun, tropical print) will take you to the beach all summer long. Simple as that.

ASOS Junarose Palm Leaf Bikini Top, $29, available at ASOS; ASOS Junarose Palm Leaf Bikini Bottom, $31, available at ASOS.
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Beach Personality: Stereo Commander/Self-Proclaimed DJ
The Suit That Suits You: The Life of Pablo, Lemonade, you've got all the new hits the second they come out, and you want everyone to know it. When it comes to social gatherings, you never enter the room (or beach) without a portable stereo, to ensure that your crew is accompanied by a soundtrack all day long. This one-piece has got just the right amount of fun and function, meaning you can run around and dance, but also command the attention of the party.

Delano One-piece, $198, available at Alix.
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Beach Personality: Meditative Spirit
The Suit That Suits You: Not to get all zen on everyone, but you just can't help but see the ocean as humbling and inspiring; a place to disconnect, breathe, and recharge; a place to clear your mind and get your creative juices flowing. Try an artsy, earthy suit that's just as down-to-earth as you are. Namaste.

Karla Spetic Neptune Sport Onesie, $234, available at Karla Spetic.
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Beach Personality: Keeps Things Conservative
The Suit That Suits You: You'll be the first to admit: you kind-of hate wearing swimsuits. But, since you won't let that deter you from a beach day with friends, finding a piece that you do feel comfortable in can go a long way. Start at the most basic-level with a classic one-piece that's not too flashy, provides ample coverage, and is just plain practical.

Madewell x Giejo V-neck One-piece Swimsuit, $195, available at Madewell.
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Beach Personality: Beach Volleyball Captain
The Suit That Suits You: You're the sporty chick who strangers invite to join their beach volleyball game, and vice versa. And why shouldn't you look good when you're kicking everyone's ass? This tie-dyed two-piece is athletic-but-sexy, covered-up-but-revealing, and practical-but-cool, all at the same time.

Billabong Waves for Daze Rashguard, $59.95, available at Billabong; Billabong Waves for Daze Isla Bikini Bottom, $44.95, available at Billabong.
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Beach Personality: C.J. Parker Circa 2016
The Suit That Suits You: Okay, so you might not have actually been on Baywatch, but there's no shame in channeling your inner-lifeguard this summer. Grab a contemporary take on the classic, razer-back one-piece — it hits in all the right places, and lends itself perfectly to slow-mo jogs through knee-high waters.

Bikyni The Racerback, $95, available at Bikyni.

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