16 Spring Sephora Launches Our Beauty Editors Are Loving

This week, I read an article that suggested five "commonly missed" places I should clean out now that spring has officially sprung — places like my microwave, my curtains, and my toothbrush holder. But I, a bona fide adult with a 401k plan, decided to ignore this advice, choosing instead to live a life of dust, soap scum, and marinara stains. There is only one place I will clean out with a change of season, and that is my nine-drawer unit full of beauty products.
Don't get this confused with some sort of Kondo-fueled mission to minimize my stash, though: It's the opposite. I just need to make room for a whole new bounty of spring launches — and the more room I can make, the better, because there's a lot of good stuff hitting stores in the near future.
Our editors have spent the past few weeks testing all of the latest and greatest hair, makeup, and skin-products at Sephora, in an attempt to determine which ones are worth the trip back home and onto our vanities. Ahead, the 15 products that officially made the cut...
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