15 Plaid Skirts To Embrace Because The Runways Say So

Cher Horowitz called...she wants her plaid skirt back. That's right, plaid skirts are taking over the runways at fashion month, which means it's time to channel your inner '90s teenager. Seen everywhere from Versace to Matthew Adams Dolan to Michael Kors, bright, throwback plaids have made a resurgence — and a plaid skirt is one of the easiest ways to tackle the trend (you don't have to go full-on skirt-suit, but it is encouraged).
Whether you go for head-to-toe prints or just pair your plaid skirt with a knit, some tights, and boots, don't shrug it off as being a too-young, school-girl trend — because we're betting the look is here to stay. Then again, plaid never really went away (ahem, Burberry). And since you can already buy into the look at your usual haunts, we've rounded up 15 of the best plaid skirts to wear now with tights and bare-legs later (soon, hopefully!).