How To Make Period Sex Way Hotter

Photographed by Lula Hyers.
Period sex is no longer an act of horny desperation during someone's period — it's just sex during the few days of the month that they're bleeding from their vagina. Some people think it's even better than regular sex, and as Rachel Bloom sings in Crazy Ex Girlfriend, if you're grossed out, think of period blood as cherry lube.
Just like sex throughout the rest of the month, period sex can be amazing, awkward, unremarkable, or just plain bad. (Again, it's just sex.) First thing's first: "You have to be willing to do it," says Megan Stubbs, a certified sexologist. Stubbs says the easiest way to make period sex hotter is to just embrace the mess and go for it. "It's like anal; you can't be like I don't like poop, you have to know what you're in for," she says.
Letting things get bloody in bed can be a great way to get over your other insecurities about bodily fluids (like semen, sweat, and whatever else you have going on), says Shannon Chavez, PsyD, a certified sex therapist. "The more comfortable you are around messiness during sex, the more sexual enjoyment you'll have," Dr. Chavez says. One 2015 study found that people were less disgusted by gory things when they were aroused, which kind of makes sense: If you have two competing thoughts in your brain (disgust and lust), which is going to be more appealing? "Once you consent with your partner, explore what feels right and break away from the shame," Stubbs says.
Here are some tips and ideas to take period sex to the next level with your partner.

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