If You Love Delicate Jewelry, The Dainty Ring Of Your Dreams Is Here

Envision a barely there band with the most delicate string of diamonds lacing your finger. Sounds utterly stunning right? Well, the Petite Diamond Distance Band from fine jewelry brand Melanie Casey does just that. The stackable ring comes in a solid 14k gold or platinum setting with a line of nine intricate white diamonds. It's ever so dainty, which is why you can stack a few or wear one as a standalone piece among your other daily rings. We had to know the idea behind this dazzling new band, so we interviewed the founder and jewelry designer, Melanie Casey
The brand is known for its graceful and minimal jewelry aesthetic as well as its affordable, handcrafted jewelry. Its newly designed Petite Diamond Distance Band comes at the within-reach price of $590, yet it doesn't spare the luxe appearance of a sparkling ring. Instead, it's a versatile diamond stacking ring that's made to last. We won't spoil any more details, so read ahead to learn about the brand, the vision behind the ring, and how the designer would style it herself.
What was the vision behind the Petite Diamond Distance Band?
For this band, I wanted to create a piece that made the diamonds appear to be floating on air. My designs often utilize negative space, but I hadn't yet attempted a design focused on the appearance of negative space. The delicate gold connection between each diamond is very hard to execute, but I think the end result is worth it!
How do you recommend people style it with other Melanie Casey rings?
The Petite Diamond Distance Band is probably our most versatile piece regarding stacking. We have clients who purchase it in sets of three, one of each gold color. It is often used as a wedding band, and I love how the equal distance between each diamond offsets the asymmetry of a cluster engagement ring like the Snowdrift Ring or the To a Flame Ring. One of my favorite ways to stack it is two Petite Diamond Distance Bands with a Hammered Band in the middle. The wider width of the Hammered Band is complemented by the delicate airiness of the Distance Band, and it is really lovely!
What type of aesthetic do you think Melanie Casey appeals to the most?
I've tried to curate my collection to speak to many different people. I want everyone to find a Melanie Casey piece to love! But if I had to narrow it down, I would say most of our clients are looking for something a little different from the traditional fine jewelry options, slightly unique, but also pretty and delicate. I think "unique" often equates with "bold and big and wild" in this industry, and I try to design more to the delicate, dainty aesthetic.
What separates your rings from other brands?
There are so many designers doing so much beautiful work right now! But I think our rings stand out because of the intricate and intentional design style. Our pieces are very hard to make (which is why we only hire the top tier of expert jewelers) because of how small the scale and detailed the work has to be. Each element, even each prong, is designed very carefully, and you wouldn't believe how much development and quality checks we do to ensure perfection!
What kind of support do you offer customers after they purchase a piece of jewelry?
We are here for the lifetime of their jewelry, whether it needs a quick cleaning or a repair — our lifetime warranty covers all of that. I want my pieces to be heirlooms for generations, and I am so thrilled that people appreciate our work.
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