All The Luggage You Need Before Heading Off For Labor Day Weekend

It's easy to pretend that long weekends are all fun and no responsibility, but let's be real: There are always both pros and cons to getting a day off. While a few days of rest and relaxation can work wonders, between packing in a hurry, attempting to get two days of work done in half the time, and the knowledge that Tuesday (a.k.a. the day you're forced to face your post-long weekend inbox) isn't too far away, three-day weekends come with their fair share of stress. So, when one of the many tasks on your pre-Labor Day Weekend to-do list can be quickly and painlessly checked off, why not take full advantage? After all, every little thing that gets done is one less thing getting in the way of Labor Day sales time.
No matter where you're off to this weekend, there's one thing every Labor Day traveler has in common: luggage. While it's easy to toss three days worth of bikinis and SPF into whatever bag is closest and be on your way, anyone who's ever experienced a leaky shampoo fiasco or forgotten to check if their suitcase actually fits those overly-enforced carry-on requirements, knows the importance of good luggage. From leak-proof cosmetic bags to tried-and-true roller bags, has all of your travel woes covered. Don't let your luggage (or lack thereof) put a damper on your day off. We know we won't!
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