12 Honeymoon Sex Toys For Couples To Really Get To Know Each Other

As traditional wisdom goes, honeymoon sex is unlike sex at any other time of your life. It's hot, and adventurous, and frequent. Hell, doctors have even named sex-related infections after the post-wedding trip. Maybe that puts undue pressure on a couple's sexual performance during their honeymoon (just fyi, you have your whole life to have really good sex, so don't worry too much), but it also makes many couples excited to try something new.
If you're in the latter group, you might consider bringing a new kind of sex toy on your trip. You're likely planning to have a lot of sex, anyway, so why not try something you and your partner have never done before? Depending on your relationship, that might mean handcuffs, butt plugs, a couple's vibrator, or massage candles.
Worried about traveling with toys? Don't be. If you feel too awkward to put them in your carry on, then pack your toys in your checked bag. People travel with sex toys all the time, so the TSA won't be bothered by a vibrator, strap-on harness, or bottle of lube. But, if you're really worried, consider bringing one of these low-key toys that the TSA might not even recognize as something sexual. The sex toy world is your oyster and you can bring anything you want on your honeymoon (as long as it fits in your suitcase).
Ahead, we've rounded up a few suggestions to inspire your honeymoon sex-ventures.

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