This Halloween Costume Music Video Is The Best/Worst Thing You'll See Today

Whether you think costumes out of a bag are the ultimate cop-out or consider Halloween a free pass to piss everyone off, there's one rule that everyone would agree on: People who take the holiday too seriously are the worst. Even for Halloween superstores, whose entire existences revolve around October 31, a healthy self-awareness is integral. Take, for example, It's the worst offender of the Sexy [Insert Normal Costume] purveyors. The site is responsible for some of the most ludicrous costumes this side of Caitlyn Jenner — and also for this video, which will will provide the soundtrack to your nightmares all weekend.

"Who You Gonna Be? (The Halloween Song)" was produced by Steve Gossett (the brain behind Princess Rap Battles) and Smart Silliness, Inc. It features a litany of highights from Yandy's product line, including — and mind you, we're not joking here — Sexy Cecil the Lion, Sexy Donald Trump, Sexy The Dress, and the forever-classic, Sexy Pizza.

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