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Here at R29, we're all about self-care — whether it's purchasing a new mattress, sprucing up your athleisure wear with the newest arrivals at Lululemon, or indulging in a luxury splurge item, we are experts at maximizing our pleasure. So it's no surprise that we all have extremely specific opinions on sex toys. When it comes to finding that toe-curling O, we know it helps to have first-hand testimonials, so I asked our Shopping Team to help me help you by sharing our go-to sex toys to discover what really works and what should already be in your cart, like, yesterday. And the results are telling.

Things I learned: all of us reach for a clitoral vibrator when it comes time to get down and dirty. Which makes sense, seeing as nearly 40% of women require clitoral stimulation in order to orgasm. Within the greater sex toy trends, the R29 team members specifically enjoy a suction vibrator, which, when combined with the right lube, can mimic the feeling of oral sex (a perennial fav). While the way we get in the mood varied wildly (some preferred sexting, while others preferred reading erotica, and others just decompressed with a long bath), most of us enjoy our go-to toy in the comfort of our beds. Regardless of the how, the where, and the why, one thing is clear: we all understand the importance of a really good vibrator and want you to have your best orgasm with ease. Ahead, browse through the R29 editors' reviews of their go-to sex toys and decide which one(s) is right for you.
Unsurprisingly, the Satisfyer Pro 2 was one anonymous team member's top toys. The viral vibe has been at the top of R29 readers' purchases for literal years, so we already suspected the 56,00+ reviews gushing about "[feeling] colors and [smelling] numbers" wasn't too much of an exaggeration.

"It'll make you cum until you basically pass out," confirms our team member of the Air-Pulse vibrator, echoing the many, ahem, satisfied reviews on Amazon. As for how she helps set the mood, she enjoys "low lighting, a glass of wine or a THC seltzer, scrolling through Christina Hendricks' Instagram," and occasionally, "sexting with pals."

As for any cons, she does admit, "It's loud as hell!" So if you're living with a roommate, this might not be the one for you. "Also, the handle is kind of big and hard to hold," she adds. But the bulk seems to be worth it, especially with a price point under $40. Plus, with Amazon Prime, this clitoral vibrator can be at your doorstep in less than two days.
Despite it being almost a year since her initial review, our Sexual Health & Wellness Writer, Charlotte Lewis, is still obsessed with the OG Clitoral Sucking Vibrator from Tracy's Dog. If you're looking for a suction vibrator that also has internal stimulation capabilities, you literally don't have to look anywhere else. "Its suction nozzle is NO JOKE," she laughs. "Plus, the toy has enough bend that internally it feels like it fits your body from any angle." Which means you can have a perfect blended orgasm every single time. Dual stimulation definitely isn't for everyone, though. Especially given how strong the suction intensities can reach with its ten increasing settings.

She warns users that "sometimes it's sooooo powerful that you can come too fast and not appreciate the build quite enough. That said, it can push you over the edge into multiple O's because of that strength," which doesn't sound like too terrible of a problem. Her surefire way to light up her bits? "A CBD bath bomb, sexy playlist, and rereading her favorite romance novel scenes." Sounds pretty damn good to us.

Lelo Sona 2 Cruise, $149 $126.65

"I'm a sucker for clitoral toys, pun intended," jokes Mercedes Viera, our Associate Deals Writer. So it's no surprise that when they reach for a sex toy, it's usually for Lelo's Sona 2 Cruise. Known for its "clitorally mindblowing" capabilities, the Sona uses sonic waves to penetrate deep into the clitoris for an orgasm unlike any other, creating a loyalist out of our deals writer.

"The 'mouth' really holds on tight to all the right places," Mercedes says of this best-selling suction vibrator. It does have a bit of a learning curve, though. "It can take a while to figure out how to position it exactly right," they tell us. At over $100, the price point is a little high, but Mercedes insists it's worth it, adding, "This toy is pretty perfect in my book." With multiple orgasm capabilities and a whopping twelve vibration intensities, we could see how they'd feel that way.

Lelo Sila, $169 $135

Mercedes isn't the only Lelo fan in the house. Senior Writer Karina Hoshikawa recommends the sex-tech brand, as well. "The LELO Sona 2 Cruise is super well-known and adored," she tells us. "But my go-to is actually the Sila, which is super slept on, IMO." Here's the DL on her go-to vibrator: "The suction technology is similar to the Sona, but is less targeted and intense, allowing for a more chill ride to the big O." If you're into a slow and steady race that feels akin to oral sex, it's time to stop sleeping on this one. "I also love how the circular shape fits easily in your hand," Karina adds. "And it has multiple vibration patterns for you to choose your own adventure."

Starting that adventure is easy, she says. "Candles, dim lighting, and freshly-washed sheets are all excellent ways to create the perfect sexy-time environment." And when asked if there were any difficulties users should be aware of, she shut us down completely. "None, truly," she says, definitively. "Except for when I forget to charge it."
Vice's Senior Writer Mary Frances Knapp was actually the first person to tell us about the Lioness, a smart vibrator with sensors in the shaft that tracks your biological responses to your play session via phone app. By recording your temperature, pelvic contractions, and other pertinent bodily functions, the Lioness helps you learn how to have your best orgasm with trackable numbers, making it a data cruncher's dream. When asked what she loves about this dual-stimulating rabbit vibrator, she first noted the size (big!), as well as its quiet motor. She also loves its "ability to provide me with biofeedback on my orgasms."

Anyone who loves tracking their health on an Apple Watch or Fitbit will really enjoy using this vibrator. The only thing she wishes is that the "main shaft vibrated a little more," for better G-spot stimulation. However, the novelty of watching real-life data come in with each masturbation session is enough to keep her hooked.
We're huge fans of bullet vibrators. They're small, discreet, and get the job done, and that's why when Alexandra Polk, our Affiliate Lifestyle Writer, is reaching for a vibrator, she goes to this Amazon rechargeable bullet. "I love that it's small and easy to maneuver," she says. "It was my first ever sex toy and the perfect introduction to buzzy orgasms." That's because with a bullet, you don't have any bells and whistles. You just have one damn powerful motor. The Vedo BAM is no exception. "[It has] 10 vibe modes, and the intensity is quite impressive for such an unassuming design," she explains.

The simplicity isn't for everyone, though. "Since it is so small, you do have to get creative with it and do most of the work, unlike other more intricate toys that get more creative with their settings." That doesn't hinder Alexandra's love for this bullet; she'll buzz about it to everyone. "I highly recommend turning off the lights and listening to rain sounds," she says of anyone who wants to spend some alone time with this powerful bullet. "At least that's how I do it," she laughs. We're game.
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