An A To Z Guide To This Year's Best Holiday Gifts

Gift guide season is one of our favorites. For editors, it offers us the chance to dream while also filling out our own personal gift lists. Which we're grateful for because whether we realize it or not, it's easy to fall into the same gift-buying routine. Unless someone's hinted at exactly what they wants, we hit up the same stores (usually on Black Friday) and buy the same safe presents in lieu of the unique. Say sayonara to that routine because this year, it’s time to flex those creative muscles.
Gift-giving should be low-lift, high reward for both you and the person on the receiving end — and it shouldn't take tons of time, hemming, or hawing. To remove the stress from the equation and help put the magic back in, we’ve rounded up an easy-to-follow A to Z guide that offers a little something for everyone. Here's 26 goodies that'll make anyone smile.
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A - Amateur Astrologist

Carolyne Faulkner is the in-house astrologer for the Soho House Group so her word is pretty much law.
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B - Boot, Scoot, and Boogie

Get your giftee a sturdy seasonal shoe by opting for an ethical brand known for its product quality.
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C - Comfy & Cozy

This super-soft flannel PJ set is the sort of thing they'll never want to take off.
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D - D.I.Y. Your Own Custom Denim

Have a crafty friend? Gift them this easy embroidery set so they'll never have to shell out hundreds of dollars for trendy jeans again.
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E - Eliminate The Guesswork

The greatest gift you can give someone is the gift of eliminating indecision. Seriously, all bickering couples should use these trusty die to avoid those, "I don't know what do you want to eat?" fights.
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F - Friends First

Ditch the obvious friendship bracelets for a necklace set that properly describes the true nature of your friendship.
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G - Gift You’ll Want To Keep For Yourself

Hands, meet accessible warmth.
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H - Homebody

We all have that pair of sandals; the ones we wear to throw out the garbage, pick up ice cream at 2 a.m. in, wear when there's nowhere important to go. Let your giftee's at-home sandals look a little chicer than the average.
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I - Instagram Approved

Susan Alexandra is unstoppable. You don't just have to splurge on one of her Instagram famous bags to give someone one of her cute designs this year.
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J - Jet Set

Our friends and family who are constantly on the go often already have their loyal luggage set. Instead, gift them a mini Away kit with samples of some of the best skincare products on the market right now.
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K - Knowledge Is Power

Introduce them to a genuinely good book.
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L - Lunchtime

Help your friends jumpstart their resolution to bring their meals to work instead of ordering lunch with this cool container.
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M - Make It Mini

We'd be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t love a cute dumpling bag.
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N - Nomophobic Necessity

Some people have a fear of heights, some people have a fear of going too long without their phone. Keep your friend from nomophobic anxiety by letting their fingers have 24/7 access to their device, even in the blistering cold.
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O - On The Run

Whether your giftee is constantly on the go, commutes by foot, or an aspiring hypebae, they'll love these Bandier exclusive Fila's.
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P - Pretty In Pearls

These are not your grandma's pearls. Up someone's style with this fun (and affordable!) pearl necklace that'll go great with all of their holiday looks.
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Q - Quality Self-Care Time

We're loving the eye mask craze right now and we're sure your giftee is, too.
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R - Right On Time

Subtly throw shade at a friend who's always late or give the gift of a fun watch to someone who enjoys being prompt. Both parties will take to Skagen's fun new collection of colored watches.
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S - Sweater Weather

For the friend whose sweater game is *always* on point.
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T - Three Gifts Are Better Than One

Why give one gift when you can give three? Baggu's set of cosmetic pouches is so good, we'll be buying one for them and one for ourselves.
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U - Underneath It All

Bras aren't traditionally a gift given in platonic relationships but just about every woman would be stoked to finally receive a bra that finally fits well. Thank you, ThirdLove.
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V - Vision In Velvet

Comfort is key, but you may as well do comfort while looking fly.
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W - What’s Gucci?

The Holy Grail of presents. While you won't be gifting this to everyone this year, we're sure there's someone special who's deserving.
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X - X-tra Fuzzy

These cute furry cuffs can add an extra oomph to an otherwise simple coat or sweater.
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Y - You Go Girl

Encourage a gal pal who's a workout fiend or a sister who's just starting out on her fitness journey with a pair of cool gloves that'll provide some much needed motivation.
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Z - Zzz Ya Later

Have a friend who still has yet to take down her Breakfast At Tiffany's poster? This gift will earn you a lifetime of brownie points.

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