8 Last-Minute Mother's Day Gifts Under $45

Moms are pretty awesome. From the very beginning, most dedicate their lives to raising our little, drooling selves. And, while we should be honoring our mama everyday, Mother’s Day gives us the extraordinary occasion to knock her socks off with truly thoughtful gifts. Why not take the thoughtfulness a step further and get her a gift that’s good for the environment and animals and good for her? And, all of these goodies are under $45, so you can double up and she’ll still smile at how fiscally responsible you’ve become.
Ashlee Piper, the lady beyond eco-conscious blog The Little Foxes, is a staunch supporter of cruelty-free living. But, even if you're not ready to adopt a vegan lifestyle, Ashlee's on hand for everything from spotting animal products in your shampoo to the best natural mascaras on the market.

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