20 Summer Sandals So Cheap, You Can Buy More Than One

Aside from our workout sneakers, few shoes get beaten up and tossed around as much as our summer sandals. From burning asphalt, dirt, and sand, to the bottoms of our sweaty feet (thank you, unbearable humidity), to being stuffed at the bottom of our suitcase, there's no terrain or situation we won't force our thin-soled shoes to endure. Which is why sandals, beyond most categories, are tough to justify spending a sizable amount of money on. Dropping over $150 on a pair of shoes our exposed toes will dirty up within weeks can tug at the soul, if not also at our credit card limit.
Luckily, unless you're down with shelling out for expensive shoes, you don't have to pay a ton for summer's hero piece. You can get cute sandals for cheap, without having to steer towards the route of Old Navy's $1 flip-flop sale. (Remember, we're ditching flip-flops.) The upcoming array of sandals, which vary from wedged mules to pool slides, all ring under $150, meaning it's safe to eye more than one pair. Sometimes quantity can be just as enticing as quality.
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