How To Get Summer's Trendiest Bags Without Going Broke

Anyone who's ever shopped knows that buying a good handbag is no cheap endeavor. And when you move into the territory of deciding between a classic bag or a trendy one? Good luck. That iconic Mansur Gavriel bucket bag may seem like a better choice than a $300 raffia crossbody, but let's not forget that the $600 leather bucket bag was once nothing more than a "trend" itself. It's smart to be wary when making the jump towards a pricey bag when you're not quite sure what a bag's longevity looks like. Which is why we often like to test the waters before we invest.
Luckily for those moments, fast-fashion works in our favor. Reproducing some of the season's top trends at a price we can stomach, we can figure out which bags genuinely mesh with our lifestyle, propelling us towards eventually purchasing that $$$ dream piece. While you can never beat quality, you can err on the side of affordability in an effort to shop smarter.
Between basket bags, leather ring handle totes, and translucent shoppers, these trendy, under-$100 bags are here to help you put out feelers for your future investment.
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