9 Viral Fashion Moments & Trends That Make For Great Halloween Costumes

Photo: South Beach Photo/REX/Shutterstock.
One question we, as fashion editors and keepers of the internet, hear all too often is "How do I make a funny/punny/amazing/unique Halloween costume with just the things in my closet?" It's difficult to not let out a deep sigh whenever we hear it. Sure, not everyone can be a die-hard Halloween fan who spends 364 days a year working on the perfect costume. But expecting us to come up with a low-budget, low-effort costume that still results in applause from everyone at your party is a near-impossible task. So instead of sifting through our DMs and answering each request individually, we're gifting you with a few plausible ideas, straight from your current wardrobe.
Creating a costume made up of entirely items you already have is near impossible since you most likely just own a bunch of jeans and T-shirts. But, we wager there are a few viral trends you leaned into hard. And in case you didn't, we've sweetened the deal by adding a few of fashion's biggest 2018 moments to look into instead. Time to bust out your old house slippers (you'll see what we mean in a minute) and break out every animal print piece you invested in this year. The nine costumes ahead are guaranteed to earn you at least a chuckle, and that's the best we can promise.

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