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With Her Fashion, This Creative Channels Bridgerton Every Day

Photo: Via @ceciliargorgon.
Instagram’s best-dressed have one thing in common: they each have a signature style item that they wear more often and better than anyone else. For one person, it could be a string bikini, worn on and off the beach. For another, it’s a sustainable maximalist aesthetic. Whatever the piece may be, it’s their thing. With our column My Thing, we’re talking with those same experts about that one specific item they have made into their signature — and style unlike anyone else.
Spring is in the air and there’s something romantic about it. As the temperature gets warmer and the grass gets greener, we’re flirting with corsets, opera gloves, and of course, florals (how groundbreaking). But for 26-year-old creative Cecilia Gorgon, romance is seasonless — and timeless.  
“I like different parts of different decades. My style is feminine and kind of eclectic,” says Gorgon, who's based in Ann Arbor, MI. “A lot of what I wear is flowy and lacy.” A quick scroll of her Instagram feed shows her passion for frocks and skirts. She describes her go-to outfit as a vintage dress and loafers, choosing a silky slip dress for the summertime and a heavier velvet fabric for the winter. “I love fashion history,” says Gorgon, who also collects antique undergarments from the 1900s. “I think the underwear they wore was really sexy and fun without being overly revealing, although some of it can be,” she explains. 
It makes sense that Gorgon vintage shops — a lot. Her online faves include O. La Roche, Souvenir Vintage, and Stacey Nishimoto’s collection. She also admits to spending way too much time on Etsy. Her favorite pick-up? “I have this amazing '60s revival Oscar de la Renta dress. One of the characters from the 1968 Romeo and Juliet film definitely would have worn it.” She’s waiting for the perfect moment to wear it, but first has to get it altered. “I’m not afraid to tailor clothes. I think people forget tailors exist,” she says. And that tailoring is sustainable and is a useful part of shopping and building a wardrobe.
To top off her signature look, she goes for the clean girl aesthetic — think rosy blush and minimal jewelry: “I love vintage lockets or chunky gold chains like Laura Lombardi’s pieces.”
Ahead, see how Gorgon styles her prairie girl Bridgerton-esque wardrobe.

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