This SKIMS Dress Has Over 110 Million Views On TikTok. Is It Worth The Hype?

Ahead of a major restock, seven people who exist outside of TikTok took the viral slip dress out for a spin.

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Update: SKIMS’ viral TikTok dress, the Soft Lounge Long Slip Dress, has been restocked in a variety of colors and sizes. Shop them on and below — while you still can.
This story was originally published on August 11, 2021.
Amidst a sea of frozen honey videos and tales of long-forgotten celebrity feuds (shoutout Tefi) lies a corner of TikTok dedicated to a single dress. Created by SKIMS, it has left thousands of shoppers in a rare state of shock and awe. 
The dress in question is a $78 maxi-length bodycon with the supposed power to woo even the most adamant of Kim Kardashian skeptics. Available in eight sizes, from XXS to 3X, and seven colors — including taupe, gray, and sky blue — the curve-hugging best-seller, called the Soft Lounge Long Slip Dress, has garnered over 110 million views on TikTok, according to SKIMS. (For reference, #SKIMS is currently hovering around 379.9 million.) That, and it’s tallied up an impressive 46,000-person waitlist and several sold-out drops.
To appease its growing line of eager shoppers, SKIMS is readying for a restock, with colorways new and old arriving on on Thursday. But before you go believing everything you see on TikTok — for the record, frozen honey isn’t good for you — find out what seven R29 insiders have to say about the viral slip. 
Chichi Offor wearing SKIMS dress in black.
Alexandra Polk wearing SKIMS dress in taupe.
“Upon first opening up the package and pulling the dress out, it seemed so slim, so I was worried it'd hug my body in a way that made me feel uncomfortable and restricted,” Chichi Offor, Associate Affiliate Writer, says. She tried the black version of the dress in the brand’s largest size offering, a 3X. “It's very common for some brands to carry clothing in what seems like extended sizing that doesn't actually fit plus-size bodies, so I was worried that would be the case with SKIMS,” she explains. But, just as those on TikTok predicted, her worries were qualmed when she slipped the ribbed bodycon over her head. 
“It fell on my body beautifully! I feel like I'm a SKIMS convert,” Offor said in a Slack message following her try-on. 
Associate Lifestyle Writer Alexandra Polk likewise fell under the spell: “I'm uncultured in the realm of IG-baddie couture, but this dress has to be one of the best ones,” she says, having tested out the floor-length frock in taupe. Comparing it to “a sexy tube sock,” Polk reveled in the dress’ ability to create curves that, because of her narrow hips, she says don’t actually exist, as well as the way it manages to be both abnormally stretchy and completely opaque. 
Irina Grechko wearing SKIMS dress in taupe.
Eliza Huber wearing SKIMS dress in taupe.
While Refinery29 Fashion Director Irina Grechko loved the look and feel of the dress, she had the opposite reaction when it came to the sheerness. “I think I now truly understand where the term ‘naked dress’ comes from,” she says. (Grechko tested out the same taupe version of the dress.) Despite the fact that her underwear drawer is “bursting with seamless options,” Grechko said that not a single undergarment piece went unseen under her SKIMS dress. “If you’re not comfortable going commando or your bust size doesn’t allow for that, the taupe color isn’t for you,” she warns.
Karina Hoshikawa wearing SKIMS dress in gray.
I, a 32B cup size and proud bra rejecter, didn’t run into the same undergarment-induced issue, though I did find the taupe version to be sheerer than most dresses in the same color. Then again, with the nipple once again being en vogue, a slightly see-through dress isn’t exactly a faux pas. Plus, naked dresses are big right now (just ask Dua Lipa).
What bothered me more was that the dress puddled on the floor despite my taller-than-average stature at 5’8”. Grechko agrees: “The dress required wearing a fairly high heel — I am 5’6” — which instantly made this look only appropriate for nighttime in my book,” she says. Polk echoed her: “Beware, it really is as long as it looks, possibly longer. I'm 5'8" and usually struggle to find pieces that will hit my ankles, but this one hits the floor.” At 5’2”, Beauty and Wellness Market Writer Karina Hoshikawa is the same height as Kardashian herself. Her take on the length? “It could probably be half the length it was.” As someone with has a soft spot for mini dresses my high school principal would’ve been happy to give me a citation for, I agree. Good thing then that the mini dress version is also ripe for a restock.
Like many of her colleagues, Hoshikawa was pleasantly surprised to discover that SKIMS held up. “Right off the bat, the fabric felt amazing — I kinda want all of my clothes to be made of this stuff now,” she says. “Not too tight, but definitely not sagging in places I didn’t want to sag — which is to say, nowhere?” For her, despite its lengthy hem, the style is an easy alternative to her typical WFH uniform, which consists of tank tops and leggings. “I definitely felt more chic — possibly more Kim-like? — wafting around my apartment with it on,” she says. All that’s to say, Hoshikawa is already planning on bribing her sister, a Parsons design student, to hem it for her. 
Kate Spencer wearing SKIMS dress in black.
Frances Solá Santiago wearing SKIMS dress in blue.
Kate Spencer, Creative & Updates Editor, and Frances Solá Santiago, Fashion Writer, weren’t quite so easily convinced. Though both understood why the dress has been making such waves on TikTok — crediting its soft, stretchy fabric and how versatile it is — neither was persuaded to add it to their usual sartorial repertoire. “I actually like the dress much more than I thought I would, but I likely won't get much use out of it since I'm not a big dress person,” says Spencer, who plans to save the look, which she tested out in black, for more formal occasions. 
Solá Santiago’s biggest protest? The fact that it’s a bodycon dress, which she’s an adamant opposer of. “The fabric is super soft and hugs the body in a way that doesn’t cut off your circulation,” she says, “but it didn’t manage to change my perspective on bodycon dresses.” (Whether the forthcoming bandage dress comeback will change her mind is still TBD.) Still, Solá Santiago says that, with the right styling, she can see the dress making an appearance now and again in the future. For its debut, she paired her dusty blue dress with a white linen button-down, black kitten-heel sandals, and her go-to Mansur Gavriel tote. “I chose to layer a shirt over [my dress] because I usually prefer to have an oversized item layered over bodycon clothing,” she says.
Shop SKIMS’ most-tagged TikTok dress, the Soft Lounge Long Slip Dress, in three new shades — Rose Clay, Gold, and Plum — as well as its already beloved colorways on Thursday. And while you’re at it, maybe make a TikTok, too. 
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