TikTok’s Latest Hot Weather Trend Is… Frozen Honey

TikTok has already given us two must-try summer drinks – whipped lemonade and the iced Biscoff latte – and a super-fruity breakfast trend that's splitting opinion. Now it's come up with a naturally sweet way to cool down on a scorching hot day: frozen honey.
The best thing about this TikTok trend is the fact it's no more – and no less – than it says it is. If you have honey and a freezer, you can recreate it at home, because it requires no other ingredients at all. Hey, who said all TikTok trends have to be ingenious?
Some videos on TikTok show creators scooping honey from a jar into an empty water bottle before adding it to the freezer. However, as TikTok creator @beccabright2002 demonstrates in the video below, it's easier just to use a bottle of squeezy honey in the first place. Simply pop it in your freezer and wait for it to chill.
As you can see in @beccabright2002's video, honey doesn't freeze exactly – it really just gets cooler and gloopier. You'll probably want to leave it there overnight for optimum results.
And those results are refreshing in – you've guessed it – an extremely sweet kind of way. Frozen honey probably makes the most sense on an incredibly hot day when you need a quick sugary hit to perk yourself up before heading to work or the shops. For this reason, it's no surprise that it's been trending on UK TikTok this week as temperatures soared in some parts of the country to 31C.
In fact, frozen honey is so sweet that two or three licks are probably all you need. Oh, and it goes without saying that you'll want to let your flatmates know that this honey is definitely for your tongue only.

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