The Very Best Skirts For The Big-Bootied

We don’t need another ass-themed anthem (as jammin’ as they are), or for Vogue to make another groundbreaking declaration, or even Kim K-West to take another #belfie to try and ring in a trend having to do with rear ends. Butts are bodacious — always have been, always will be — and that’s no matter where they fall on the size and shape scale.
Regardless of what’s en vogue at the moment, our bodies pretty much are what they are; it’s the clothing styles that change with every cultural shift. But, regardless of the relaxed fits we’re seeing right now, saggy-shaped bottoms can risk looking sad on an ample rump. And then there are the wardrobe issues are smaller-seated sisters simply don't have to deal with. There’s the hemline situation, for example. If you’ve got a righteous rear end, you already know that shorter skirts rise up to have a business in the front, your business in the back effect. Of course, if you think the higher the better, that's between you and your tailor.
Either way, we’ve got nine skirts — from budget-friendly casual maxis to higher-end mermaid hems — that are fit to flatter. Take a look, and be prepared for your style to assassinate.

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