Running Sneakers Are The New Chunky Sneakers

As a herd of models walked down the runway in brightly-colored running shoes for the finale of the Aalto resort 2019 show, my mind immediately jumped to my own Brooks that I bought when I wanted to make running a hobby of mine. I even have inserts to support my flat feet at the recommendation of the fancy store where I tested my stride. Since that iconic finale, I've spotted running shoes everywhere, from Outdoor Voices collaborating with Hoka to very hot designer Marine Serre's collaboration with Salomon in June.
The multi-functionality of a sneaker that is built to run thousands of miles reigns supreme over a sneaker that is chunky for the sake of chunkiness. Running shoes are truly built for comfort. They're streamlined and created with technical fabrics to wick sweat and handle all elements. Names for running shoes are always something complicated ("These shoes? They're the Brooks X Superstar Leviosa 569!"), which makes you seem legit, even if you don't use that running app everyone else is always posting about. The colors (especially the reflective ones made for night-runs) also look great paired with your favorite midi dress or patterned pants.
Ahead, find 10 running shoes that will replace your chunky sneakers.