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Looking for what to do at the gym? Or maybe just a little motivation? Instagram can offer endless fitspiration — if you follow the right people, that is. That’s why we found 16 smart fitness experts who want to be your personal trainer. These pros, who are sought after by A-listers and athletes for their innovative, effective routines, are uploading their expertise (as well as plenty of inspirational shots) on a daily basis. Bonus: They are sharing the very same moves and tips they give their celebrity clients — but you get them for free. Just open your account and scroll for instant access to seemingly unlimited, effective workouts. Who says you need a gym to get fit?
Ahead, the top trainers on Instagram to follow immediately. These folks will motivate you to train smarter and feel better — and who knows, maybe our next roundup will include your account.
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Starting this week off right w/ @balastrong 👊🙌

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Formerly one half of @twobadbodies, Kaisa Keranan seems to think of the gym as a puzzle to be solved differently every day: Each of her videos shows energetic and highly creative workouts, often using equipment in out-of-the-box ways.
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Jo Meneses, founder of BodyRoots, is all about getting stronger — without wasting any movement. If you're looking for some efficient fitspo, this is it.
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Lexi Berman (@lov2lift) definitely lifts some serious weight, but she also likes to mix it up with rowing, CrossFit, and all sorts of fun workouts that will make you sore just watching them.
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Emily Skye makes it a point to be body-positive, and that's what makes her one of our favorite trainers.
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Elle Landgren always shares all her favorite stretches — perfect for eliminating post-workout soreness.
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Photo: Via @AnnaVictoria.
Anna Victoria's Instagram page is full of videos of her favorite workout routines, from squats to hip thrusts.
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Photo: Via @amandabisk.
If you're looking for a little workout inspiration variety, follow former pole vaulter Amanda Bisk (@amandabisk). On her page, you'll find masterful yoga poses and CrossFit workouts.
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If you're getting bored of doing the same ol' squats, let Holly Perkins (@hollyperkins) perk up your leg day game. She's a CSCS (that's Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist) who regularly posts the moves she's doing in the gym to build strength.
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Sydney-based trainer Tanya Poppett (@tanyapoppett) is an athletic jack-of-all-trades. From boxing to running to aerial yoga, Poppett does it all, and she's here to take you along for the ride.
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Photo: via @chelseykorus
Yogi, acrobat, and dancer Chelsey Korus (@chelseykorus) posts daily videos of her gravity-defying yoga poses. If you're an aspiring yogi, check out her Instagram page for a sunny dose of motivation.
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Photo: Courtesy of @robinnyc
Robin Arzon (@robinnyc) is a former lawyer turned fitness guru whose Instagram posts will make you long for jogs along NYC's Hudson River.
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CrossFit athlete and fitness trainer Elisabeth Akinwale (@eakinwale) is all about finding the workout that works best for your body. After all, fitness should be fun. Akinwale is pretty much a jack of all trades — follow her Instagram for tips on everything from weightlifting to gymnastics.
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Rachel Brathen is an international yoga teacher who also leads online classes via oneOeight, an online platform for both yoga and meditation.

If you're a yoga rookie, her Instagram will inspire you to get into the flow with some accessible yoga routines and moves.
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Photo: Via @bodybysimone.
With the likes of Chrissy Teigen and Emily Blunt as her clientele, it's no surprise that Body By Simone's Simone De La Rue is a highly sought-after trainer.

If you can't make it to her LA and NYC classes, check out her Instagram for videos of her fun dance-cardio workouts.
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Photo: Via @ivfitness
Former track and field athlete Idalis Velazquez (@ivfitness) bases her fitness philosophy on lessons learned as a competitor. Velazquez is now a personal trainer, C9 Champion brand ambassador, mom of two, and online coach, and posts videos of quick workouts that you can do at home.
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Photo: Via @blogilates
Cassey Ho, a.k.a @blogilates is the creator of the titular blogilates YouTube channel, on which she posts fitness instruction videos that you can do at home and on the go. Unsurprisingly, her Instagram presence is just as on point, with photos and videos of her favorite yoga poses and pilates moves.
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We love @msjeanettejenkins' positive-energy vibes: “Easy, no. Worth it, yes," she says of her fitness routine. "Take care of your mind, body, and spirit — because you are worth it.” Maybe that’s why her client, Kelly Rowland, always looks so stunning — and happy.
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Photo: @jaycardiello
@JayCardiello wants you to move for 20 minutes per day — and he delivers functional exercises that get the job done without requiring a major time investment. Proof that his moves work? He's trained athletes and celebs including Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Sofia Vergara, Minka Kelly, and Ciara.
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Photo: Via @NicoleWinhoffer
@NicoleWinhoffer’s Instagram style in one word: fierce. “Fitness is art” is her motto — and as Madonna’s personal trainer, this dancer offers up an unconventional and creative take on exercise.
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Photo: Via @mariepurvis
Nike NTC Master Trainer @mariepurvis has worked with top athletes and celebs who’ve stopped by the brand’s HQ in Portland. Now, you can train like her clients — if you’re up for the challenge.
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Photo: Via @balletbeautiful
Lily Aldridge and Liv Tyler rave about Mary Helen Bowers’ @balletbeautiful classes. (Bowers also trained Natalie Portman for her role in Black Swan.)

Love this picture? Check out these amazing ballerinas of Instagram.
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Jennifer Aniston isn’t the only celebrity who loves @mandyingber’s yoga practice. Kate Beckinsale and Emilia Clarke are also fans.
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Photo: Via @DavidKirsch
Heidi Klum and Kate Upton count trainer @DavidKirsch as their fitness mastermind. He is constantly uploading videos of moves to try, like this shoulder exercise.
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Photo: VIa @natalieuhling
Trainer, Under Armour ambassador, and model @natalieuhling shares inspirational photos that remind us that just because a workout is tough, it doesn't mean we should back down from the challenge. "Do something you LOVE! We are all individuals; do something that you have passion for,” she writes.
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From schooling us on proper form to showcasing killer new moves to just being a goofball, trainer and author @bjgaddour's Instagram feed delivers simple and effective exercise tutorials.
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Training with kettlebells can be intimidating, but Dasha Libin (founder of @kettlebellkickboxing, a workout that actress Megan Hilty loves) regularly updates her account with moves that are sure to spice up your routine.
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Photo: Via @Shauna_Harrison
This yogi is also a hip-hop-loving jock, which makes for some incredibly badass asana pics. @Shauna_Harrison also shares videos of simple exercises, like this core-and-leg workout, that you can try at your gym.
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Photo: Via @patbailey
Yoga is both a physical and mental practice, which is why we love yoga instructor @PatBailey’s motivational mantras that accompany her beautiful poses. “Be love today," she writes. "It feels like home. Don't over-think it, just trust it. Your love will make the world a better place!”
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@emilyschromm's motto: Be your own superhero. As a CrossFit coach and certified personal trainer, her account is a mix of mid-workout photos as well as mini-routines you can try, like this one. “My hotel doesn't have dumbbells so I did a circuit with the mystery weight bag,” she says.
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Photo: Via @biggalyoga
Valerie, a.k.a @biggalyoga, describes herself as “a yoga practitioner, installation artist, ceramicist, radical self love enthusiast, and body positive encourager.” Her daily outdoor yoga videos are all about learning to get centered — physically and mentally.
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Photo: Via @kirastokesfit
Personal trainer @KiraStokesFit has been helping to transform bodies for over 16 years and counts Candace Cameron Bure as a client. Her strength-training videos will get you stoked for your next trip to the gym.
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Photo: Via @hollyrilinger
@HollyRilinger, fitness coach and star of Bravo’s Work Out New York, keeps followers motivated and updated on her varied workouts, from basketball to weight training. Bonus: She also posts the occasional recipe.
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Jessamyn Stanley, otherwise known as @mynameisjessamyn, is a Shorty Award-winning yoga teacher who advocates yoga as "a way to move past mental and emotional barriers," as she describes on her site.

Follow her for inspiring photos and posts on how yoga can transform your state of mind.
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Photo: Via @krystalcantu
@Krystalcantu is a CrossFit athlete and coach who has been very open about how CrossFit saved her life after her arm was amputated. Her perseverance — despite the haters — is pretty contagious.

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