The Insta-Famous Fitness Influencers You Need To Know

photographed by Erin Yamagata; produced by Sam Nodelman; modeled by Victoria Gomez.
You're idly swiping through Instagram stories first thing in the morning, when you end up transfixed by some random person's workout routine. Perhaps through osmosis, you finish watching their story and feel like maybe you should go work out, too. Next thing you know, you're at the gym taking selfies of your own workout.
Sure, there are far too many accounts on Instagram that perpetuate unrealistic ideals of health and fitness. But there are also lots of regular people who post workout photos, videos, and tips that are down-to-earth and maybe even inspiring.
Whether you want to discover the trendy new workout class in your city, or are searching for a pair of high-tech workout leggings, chances are these fitness influencers will help guide you through your goals. Some of these influencers are legit certified trainers, and some of them are just cool people who are passionate about fitness. Go ahead and smash that follow button — then, smash your own workout.

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