16 Workout Classes To Try In New York City This Fall

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In New York City, fitness studios are like restaurants: you have your go-tos, the top-reviewed places you're willing to spend your dollars on, the hidden gems, the spots your friends drag you to, and the trending scenes where you can’t get a primetime reservation for the first year. Even if you’re not a foodie, surely you understand the comparison. If you live here, you know that this city has to offer just about everything.
But unfortunately, there's no Zagat for workout classes. So to ensure you don’t end up on the elliptical for the third straight time this week, we’ve created a handy guide to exercise classes to help you navigate the NYC fitness landscape.
Why take a class? From the motivating, upbeat playlists to mashup formats that test your physical limits, group fitness classes offer tons of physical and mental health benefits that your home gym simply cannot.
Studies show that doing something new can keep you interested in exercise and make you more inclined to repeat that activity again.
Additionally, working out in a social setting can push you past your perceived limits, as you’re surrounded by others working towards a similar goal. Being coached throughout the workout can help you understand the importance of what you’re doing and push you to complete the class. If intimidation is keeping you from signing up, know this: everyone in your class was, at one time, at a first-timer. And more often than not, friendly competition is outweighed by camaraderie in a class, adding another dimension of motivation. In other words, it is totally worth it to cough up $30 for a one-time class.
Ahead, tried-and-tested workouts with brutally honest reviews so you know exactly what you’re getting when you sign up.

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